Thursday, April 10, 2014

Colby's Endoscopy

Colby had his endoscopy today. It was kind of a long morning... he wasn't allowed any solids after mid night and had to stop nursing at 9:30.

He screamed most of the 45 minute drive to the hospital, but then was okay once we got there. He played iPad with Grandpa while we waited. We kind of got excited when they told us one of the people before us was a no show, meaning we should get to go back early.... but he ended up having his procedure right at time... at 3:30.

While we were in holding, Colby fell asleep from some of the oral meds. When it was time, I carried him into the OR and held him while they got him hooked up to the heart monitors and such. He woke up a little when I laid him down on the table, but when right back to sleep. He woke up once the gas mask was put on his face and was not happy about that. But after screaming for 30 seconds or so, he was out. I gave him a kiss and walked out.

About a half hour later, Colby's doctor came into the waiting room to talk to us. He said that everything looked great. There were no signs of ulcers or inflammation anywhere in his GI tract! This means most likely no celiac's disease! In about a week, we should have back all of the results from the biopsies and allergy panels to know for sure about the celiac's disease and should have some answers about the EOE.

The doctor told us that I should be paged to go back to recovery in about 10 minutes... a half hour later, I still hadn't heard anything and started to get nervous. It was about 45 minutes after we talked to the doctor, that I finally got to go back to recovery. Apparently, they gave Colby a large dose of benadryl to help prevent any possible allergic reactions to the anesthesia and and that's why it took him so long to wake up.

Once we were able, he nursed... and nursed... and nursed. Then ate some crackers and drank some apple juice. Then he was discharged and on our way!

He's been a little silly, but mostly just wanted to eat and sleep since we've been home. Hopefully he'll be a good sleeper tonight and be back to normal tomorrow!

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