Friday, March 14, 2014

Update on Colby

Colby was doing lots better.
By Thursday, he was pooping again... and again.. and again... and hasn't really stopped. But, he was eating normal again, and keeping everything down.

Monday night, he started to run a fever. And since has been running a fever on and off. And he's been full of snot. And more snot. And more snot! We were thinking it was just teeth coming in, but now we aren't so sure.

Tuesday, Colby got a hold of Kyle's milk. I'm pretty sure he didn't take an actual drink, but got the little bit that was on the top of the cup. About a half an hour later, the poor kids eyes and lips were swollen. Luckily, a dose of benadryl was all that he needed.

Yesterday, he started gagging on snot and started throwing up again.

And today, he's pretty wheezy.

Poor little buy can't catch a break!

We also got Colby's blood work back yesterday. Half of the test indicate Celiac Disease and the other half were negative. So, we still really don't have any answers. A referral has been submitted to see the GI specialist, so hopefully we will get an appointment soon!

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