Saturday, March 8, 2014

Three Years Old!

Somehow the crazies are three! 

 Emily is a crazy little girlie! And she's a girly girl in the fact that she loves pink, purple, princesses, dress, tights, and pretties in her hair. She's also very athletic and can make baskets, throw and catch balls, and has lots of coordination and agility. She's very caring and normally wants to make sure her brothers are okay and is normally looking out for them. She's a whole lot less shy than she used to be, but is still hesitant towards strangers most of the time.

Kyle is crazy, loud, and sometimes obnoxious. Kyle likes brown, blue, green, cars, firetrucks, and being loud! Kyle is very good at doing puzzles and problem solving; if it didn't require him to sit semi still, he would most likely sit and do puzzles all day long. Kyle's favorite phrase is "maybe Saturday" when he doesn't want to do something (or doesn't want to do it right now). Kyle loves having a little brother to wrestle with, but sometimes forgets that sisters don't always like to wrestle as much as brother do!

It's amazing how much Kyle and Emily's vocabularies have expanded in the past few months. They are always learning new words and phrases. Sometimes we just have to stop and laugh at the crazy things they say. They both tend to talk non-stop and sometimes I'm pretty sure they are the only ones that understand what they are saying. (They apparently can understand everything Colby says too!)

Emily and Kyle love going to church. The past year they have been in the two year old class and have enjoyed having a little bit of structure, doing lessons and crafts, and having a teacher. They also love playing at church with grandparents and a few of our teens' parents on Sunday nights during youth group. Tomorrow they will move up to the three and four year old class during regular church!

Kyle and Emily love to watch and help in the kitchen. They love to dump ingredients into the bowl and watch the Kitchen Aid mix stuff up. For whatever reason, they also enjoy watching stuff bake in the oven if we turn the light on for them to see.

Kyle and Emily probably have more screen time than they should, but they love Disney Junior shows and the PBS that we let them watch. Their favorites are George, Chuggington, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Handy Manny, and Henry Hugglemonster. They also love to play their games and puzzles on the iPad. They are also a fan of movies and love Cars and all three Toy Story movies.

Emily and Kyle recognize all of the upper case letter and are starting to understand that each letter has a lower case one too. They sometimes can say the ABC's by themselves, but most the time, if they aren't singing along with someone or something, they tend to skip a few letters.

They both can consistently count to ten by themselves, but sometimes can get as high as twenty. They are also starting to understand that numbers are for counting things and not just a sequence to rattle off. We've started to talk a little bit about addition and subtraction. Kyle seems like he sometimes understands.

Our schedule is pretty much the same. Their clock turns on in the morning at 8am, and they normally are awake waiting for it to turn on. Shortly after they wake up, we eat breakfast and then play or do adventures or whatever until lunch time. We normally eat lunch between 11:30 and 12:30, depending on the day. After lunch is rest time for Kyle and Emily. Some days they take naps and some days they just lay in bed and rest with a book. Normally between 3:00 and 3:30 they are done with rest time. Dinner is around 5:30. After dinner, we normally play for a little bit, pick up toys, do baths, read the Bible, and they are normally in bed around 7:00.

Potty training wise, we rarely have accidents any more! Emily and Kyle are both really good about going to the bathroom when they need to. They sometimes go by them selves and sometimes ask for help. We have recently transitioned to underwear at nap time and training pants (instead of diapers) at night time and have been waking up dry for the more part!

I'm going to do the questions again like I did at two and a half. Hopefully I'll get a chance to ask the kiddos them tomorrow!

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