Friday, March 14, 2014

Three Year Old Well Visits

Yesterday Kyle and Emily had their three year old well visits. They were both excited that it was their turn to see the doctor (because Colby has had lots of visits)! They even told me that it would be okay if they had to get shots because then they could get band aids!

Emily weighed in at 24.4 lbs and measured at 33.5 inches tall. Both are less than the 3rd percentile. Doctor said she is healthy and growing like expect; she's just a little peanut. (To which she replied, "I not peanut. Polby peanut!")

Kyle weighted in at 27.2 lbs and measured at 35.75 inches call. Less than the 3rd percentile for weight and about the 10th percentile for height. The doctor also said that's he's healthy and growing on his own curve.

We talked about some poop issues for Emily. The doctor said to make sure she's staying hydrated and has lots of fiber in her diet.

We talked about Kyle's hives. He's reacted once to both shrimp and peanut butter, but has also eaten both without a reaction. Because of Colby's crazy allergies, the doctor wants to run blood tests on Kyle to test for allergies just to be safe.

Other than that, both kiddos are doing great!

Odd fact... All three of our kids have a double uvula. Less than 2% of people in the world have a double uvula... so it's really odd that all three of our kids do! :)

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