Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Colby's GI Appointment

We finally got a call yesterday from the GI doctor and they asked if we could come in today. For as long as it took for them to call, I'm glad we were able to get Colby seen quickly!

We talked and talked and talked about the past eight months or so of Colby's life (since he started eating more than just breastmilk). We talked about food, appetite, poop, more poop, hospitalizations, weight gain/loss, allergies, hives, epi pens, poop some more, and puke.

Colby weighed in at 19.5 pounds. So he is up a little bit, but still a couple pounds below where he was a month or so ago when he got sick.

Colby still isn't have "normal" bowel movements, and the stool softener he was sent home from the hospital on just gives him diarrhea, so the doctor is putting in on a different stool softener that should work a little bit better.

The doctor said it sounds like on top of the known allergies, there are still some that are unknown. He also thinks that along with his allergies, that Colby may have several intolerances as well when it comes to food.

He's pretty sure there is something going on that is gluten related, even though his allergy skin testing didn't show an allergy to wheat. He is thinking that Colby is either having an Eosinopholic Esophagitis (EoE for short) reaction to gluten or that he has Celiac Disease. The blood work really was inconclusive about the Celiac, but because we did have some positive results, we do know there is some sort of reaction to the gluten going on.

EoE is an allergic reaction where the esophagus gets inflamed.

Celiac disease is when gluten causes damage to the intestines.

He explained that even though the allergy testing came back negative for gluten, that sometimes with the EoE the skin testing comes back negative.

The only way to get a for sure diagnosis or to rule out either of these is to do biopsies. So, we have an endoscopy schedule for April 10th. They will take a look around and do biopsies of his esophagus, his stomach, and his intestines. It will take a few days for his results to come back, but should hopefully get some answers.

Because gluten tends to make Colby throw up and have an upset belly, we are supposed to limit his (and my) gluten intake until a week before his endoscopy. Then we are both supposed to have a high gluten diet for the week leading up to his endoscopy. The rough part about this testing is that the patient has to have lots of gluten in their system to get accurate test results.

Colby's liver enzymes have been a little elevated the past few times blood work has been done, so he wanted to do more labs to check that out. He said it's most likely from all the viruses that have been going through the poor kid's system, but it's better to check it out just to be safe.

And, just as every other doctor has, I was encouraged to keep on breastfeeding! I love that so many doctors are supportive and encouraging when it comes to extended breastfeeding!

So, please keep praying for the little guy. We still don't have answers, but appear to be on the right track to getting answers. At this point, any "news" is good news. There is something wrong, and the sooner we know what is wrong, the sooner we can do something to make him feel better!

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