Friday, March 7, 2014

Colby's Follow Up Appointment

We went back to the doctor today for Colby's follow up appointment. We were told to follow up in two days, but I wanted to push it back a little bit to give him a little longer to get back to "normal" before we follow up.

The first concern was that Colby has lost an ounce shy of a pound since he was discharged on Monday.

The second concern is that he's only had one poopy diaper since Monday.

The third concern is that he has had lots of hives in the past week.

The fourth concern is is wheezing.

Most likely the hives and wheezing are a result of not keeping down/taking his antihistamine and singular while he was sick and in the hospital. While he wasn't eating a whole lot, he (or I) didn't eat anything that we know he's allergic too. This leads to the thought that he still has more food allergies that we aren't aware of. Because of this, the doctor recommended that I start keeping a food journal again of everything we both eat and keep track of when he has hives and when his eczema and wheezing seem to get worse.

Because of the whole poop thing, we are still trying to get him to take his stool softener. This has been a struggle the past few days as Colby doesn't like to drink anything unless it's breastmilk... and that he really only likes from the source... or water. We are doing our best to make sure he drinks all whatever we mix the stool softener with. We are also feeding him things like prunes and grapes to try to help things out naturally and avoiding things like bananas, applesauce, rice, and breads (thinks that naturally can cause constipation).

The doctor is also thinking that Colby might have celiac disease. He said that there are a couple options to go about figuring this out and we have to decide what we would like to do. To do blood work or biopsies to test for celiac disease, he must still be eating things with gluten in them. So, I think our plan is to do the blood work in the beginning of next week and then cut gluten from Colby's (and my) diet.

Colby is being referred to a GI specialist. Even if he doesn't have celiac disease, there is still concern that something is going on GI related because of his hard stools (which has been since he started having solids). He is also going to be referred to a dietitian to help us figure out what we can safely feed him and to make sure that he is getting all the nutrients that he needs.

I was also encouraged to keep on breastfeeding him. Breastmilk is the easiest thing for him to digest and as long as I am not eating anything he has issues with, then it is the best thing for him.

And we follow up with our pediatrician in a month for a weight check and to check in with how everything else is going.

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