Saturday, January 18, 2014

Colby has Allergies

Over the past few months, we have had a feeling that Colby has had some food allergies. Since we started give him more and more table food, he started getting more and more hives.

Yesterday we finally had our appointment with an allergist for testing. We were asked lots and lots of questions and then Colby was "poked" with forty different common allergens.

The nurses set a timer for 15 minutes and said the doctor would be in when the time went off. Since we've had breathing issues with some reactions, the doctor came in after five minutes to check on him and said he had reacted enough for him to "read" the results. He wanted to get Colby's back washed off as soon as possible.

Of the 40 different things (both food and environmental), Colby technically had a reaction to 30 of them. Most of the allergies were mild and apparently not a big deal. His biggest food triggers are diary, nuts, and oat grains, so these are the foods that we are going to avoid. The only food with absolutely to reaction was eggs, but the others (aside from the three above) were so mild that the doctor said they were okay in moderation. He wasn't tested for tomatoes, but I know that's another food that causes hives, so we are also avoiding tomatoes.

We also talked about breastfeeding and dairy alternatives for Colby. The doctor strongly encouraged me to continue breastfeeding him for as long as possible. The more breastmilk he gets, the more his chances of growing out of his allergies. But, as long as I am breastfeeding, I also need to avoid the foods he's allergic to.

Colby has been congested pretty much his whole life. According to the doctor, this is because I have been eating the things he's allergic to while he's been breastfeeding. So hopefully his congestion will clear up soon.

Colby has also been having issues with eczema. This should also go away once we get all of the stuff he's allergic to out of our systems.

Aside from avoid what's Colby's allergic to, the doctor has also put Colby on two different medications to help with his environmental allergies.

We will go back in three months for a check up and blood work, and then in six months for another round of allergy testing.

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