Monday, January 27, 2014

10 Days Dairy/Nuts/Oats Free

After Colby's appointment last Friday, I was okay with the idea of dealing with food allergies. Then I ate my cereal with coconut milk the next morning and the reality of it set in and it was overwhelmed. I had a rough and emotional couple of days as I processed what a food allergy for Colby really meant for him and for me. But now, I'm ready to take on the challenge!

There is so much info on the internet about dealing with food allergies. There are so many recipes and ideas for replacements ingredients. There are a few amazing support groups. 

There are also some pretty amazing friends who have encouraged me!

And there's my husband. Who is on board to do whatever we need to do to make sure Colby is healthy and can eat safely! He's pretty awesome. 

One of the biggest things I've learned is the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities/intolerance. People who have food sensitivities/intolerance have issues with their bodies processing food; this seems to be occurring more and more often as the majority of the foods we eat are more and more processed and have more "junk" in them. Food allergies involve your immune system. When a person with a food allergies eats something they are allergic too, their immune system responds. The statistics I've seen say 4-5% of people have an actual food allergies, where as 1 in 5 people have some sort of food sensitivity or intolerance. 

The first few days were rough trying to figure out what Colby and I could and couldn't eat. I'm not going to lie... I did eat a whole bag of red vines and a whole bag of skittles... because I was hungry... and there were safe foods. 

I also didn't feel very good until yesterday. I read lots about how your body goes through "dairy detox" when you go dairy free. I was feeling that for sure. 

But this morning, I actually enjoyed my cereal with coconut milk on it. And drank a glass of chocolate coconut milk. And didn't want to gag. I've found that I am not a fan of the Silk brand of coconut milk, but that I do like the So Delicious brand. The downside of that... I have to do to Lansing or Grand Rapids to get the refrigerated So Delicious Coconut Milk. Our Meijer does have the shelf stable stuff... but I haven't tried that yet. 

So Delicious also makes coffee creamer that is decent. And ice cream that is very yummy! It's just kind of expensive. 

Last weekend Colby had hives on both Saturday and Sunday. Both days he had carrots. I started googling about carrot allergies. Apparently if you are allergic to birch tress, you are have a good chance of being allergic to carrots. And Colby is allergic to birch trees. So we have added carrots to Colby's list of no-no's.

Other than that, he has been hive free! Over the weekend is eczema started to clear up. His congestion is also better. 

So, after 10 days, I'm feeling this is very doable. Hopefully it's not a long term thing. Hopefully Colby will grow out of his food allergies. But if not, not a big deal. col

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