Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Adventures Week Two

Day 8
Daddy read the kiddos a few Christmas books from the library

Day 9
We made Christmas cards. Emily and Kyle each made a card for Grandma and Grandpa Franks, Grandma and Grandpa Eubank, and Grandpa Johnson.

Day 10
The kiddos watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie today. The whole time they kept asking where baby Jesus was and kept telling me it wasn't a Christmas movie because it wasn't about baby Jesus!

Day 11
We played in the snow! It was cold, so we didn't stay very long. Kyle and Emily both love the snow this year and keep asking to make a snowman! Colby doesn't hate the snow... as long as it doesn't touch his skin! (Sorry the pictures are blurry.... I was having a hard time holding a child and camera...and I had gloves on, so it made it that much more difficult!)

Day 12
Today we made Chocolate Chip Cookies to take to the Live Nativity our church is doing. Kyle and Emily love helping bake...they love to dump and mix and make a mess! Colby chilled in his sauce eating a breakfast cookie watch the crazies help mommy make the good cookies ;)

Day 13
Our church is doing a live nativity "walk through" at the camp ground and Brent is playing Joseph. So, for our adventure today, we went to the nativity. It was VERY cold, but the kids seemed to enjoy it!

Day 14
Today we bought toys for Toys for Tots and put them in the box! Before we went, we talked about how we were going to pick out toys for kids who don't have anyone to give them presents to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Emily picked out a doggy and Kyle picked out a big truck. They did better than I excepted when we put them in the box and left them.

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