Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Adventures Week Three

Day 15
Kyle and Emily got to eat a candy cane for today's adventure.

Day 16
Today we made sugar cookies. In the morning we mixed up the dough so it could sit in the fridge for a while. Then after nap time, we rolled out the dough and used for Nativity cookie cutters to cut out cookies. Emily loved helping cut out the cookies and lasted until their was no more dough. Kyle seemed to enjoy it, but didn't last very long.

Day 17
Today we frosted our cookies. Dose boys even came over to help. Once again, Emily lasted until the end. Kyle only lasted until his blue frosting was gone!

Day 18
The kiddos watch Frosty the Snowman and Frosty Returns for their Christmas adventure today. They thought Frosty was been there Charlie Brown!

Day 19
We went to the store to pick out a Christmas present for Daddy. Each kiddo got him one of the Toy Story movies (he already know, they told him as soon as he got home from work). At first, Emily wanted to get Daddy a "quiet vroom vroom" (a vacuum cleaner) and Kyle wanted to get Daddy coffee (which he doesn't like). I think the night before Daddy planted the idea of "Park Riley" (Toy Story... long story) movies in their head... and that's what they ended up picking out. And we had to buy all three of them so they could each give one to Daddy. They even sort of helped wrap them!

Day 20
Our adventure today was to go on a drive to look at Christmas lights. Pretty sure this was the best Christmas adventure ever! Kyle and Emily loved every second of it (until it was time to go home)! They giggled and laughed and were so excited to see the lights!!

Day 21
Our adventure for today was to make snow ice cream. We were going to be at Grandma and Grandpa Franks' house all day and make our snow ice cream there... but it rained and sleeted and the snow wasn't good to make snow ice cream with.... so we didn't do an adventure for today.

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