Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Adventures Week One!

Day 1:
Today we got our our Little People Nativity Set. Brent read the Christmas Story from one of the kids' Bibles, but they were way to excited about "new" toys to care much about what Brent was reading!

Day 2:
We put up our window nativity stickers. Kyle and Emily were very excited because I put them on the window in their bedroom!

Day 3:
We made snowflakes out of coffee filters to put on the window. Mommy used scissors... Kyle and Emily used markers!

Day 4:
We made Christmas wreaths. We had a green circle cut out and used ours fingers and paint to put berries on the wreaths. Then we glued red bows to them. They got hung on the bathroom door.

Day 5:
Today we made snowmen! They got hung on Mommy and Daddy's door.

Day 6:
Our planned adventure today was to go to the Ionia Christmas Parade, but a youth event got planned for tonight. (Which is probably for the best because all three kiddos still have colds from our last Christmas parade!) So instead, we listed to Christmas music. Kyle and Emily weren't fans of the Christmas music.... just like Mommy and Daddy!

Day 7:
We put lights on Christmas trees today! When they are dry, they are going to hang on the closet door.

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