Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lots of Pictures

Eleven Months Old!

In only one short month, my baby boy will be a year old! How crazy is that!?!?

Colby is walking and climbing and running and into EVERYTHING!

Colby now has two teeth, front and center on the bottom. I'm pretty sure that he's working on another one too!

Colby is wearing size 9 month clothes, but wearing 12 month jammies. He got a bunch of 12 months clothes for Christmas, so his new clothes are in his drawer, but are still a little big for him.

Colby is still breastfeeding. Most days, he nurses when he wakes up, mid morning, after lunch, mid afternoon, and at bedtime. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, he nurses then as well.

Colby loves to eat the same thing that everyone else is eating at meal time. He eats three meals a day with everyone else and if we are having something we can have, he does, except for breakfast. He normally eats a banana at breakfast when everyone else is eating cereal. He is still getting a jar or two of baby food every day too. If I'm feeding him, he gets his baby food in a pouch, but Brent spoon feeds him.

Colby has food allergies. Back in August when we went to Delaware and Colby had hives, the doctors told me that it was some sort of virus, but I was pretty sure it was a reaction is something I ate. He had hives a few times after that and we figured out that when I ate pepperoni, Colby got hives. So I stopped eating pepperoni. The past couple weeks as Colby has been eating more and more table food, the kiddo has gotten hives often! At first I thought it was cheese that he was reacting too, but now I'm thinking it is tomato based stuff that he's reacting too. We are still waiting for an appointment with an allergist to see if we can figure out for sure what he is allergic too. Luckily, he responds well to benadryl when he puffs up and we do have an epi pen if needed, although I pray often that we will never have to use the epi pen!

Colby does not like to sleep! He goes in stretches where he will sleep through the night for a week or so, and then he goes back to waking up a couple times during the night to nurse. Now that he's eating more table food, I'm hoping he will start sleeping through the night on a more regular basis. We are still at one nap most days. Normally after Kyle and Emily go down for their afternoon "rest time," I nurse Colby and then he takes a nap. Some days he naps for a few hours and other days only for a half an hour or so.

Typically Colby's schedule is...
7:00am - Wake up, nurse, and up for the day
8:15am - Eat breakfast
9:00am - Play
10:30am - Nurse for a few minutes
12:00pm - Eat lunch
1:00pm - Nurse and then down for a nap
3ish - Up from nap
4:00pm - Nurse for a few minutes
5:30pm - Dinner
6:30pm - Bath, jammies, Bible, pray
7:00pm - Nurse and down for the night
Normally if he wakes up in the night, he wakes up around midnight and 3am to eat.

Colby loves to eat socks. (He has for a while). We call him the sock monster.

Colby LOVES to give people kisses. He will often come up to me and smack his lips until I give him kisses. He also loves to give night night kisses to Kyle and Emily. He also gives them kisses throughout the day. It's pretty cute!

I have yet to leave Colby in the nursery at church for a whole service. He normally starts with us in the main service, and then towards the end of singing, I'll take him to the nursery or Brent's office to feed him. And then he'll play in the nursery for the rest of the service. The past month or so has been rough because he was sick and I didn't him to pass germs on to other kiddos, and then when I was going to leave him, he was covered in hives, so I stayed and played with him too.