Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thankful Tree

We celebrated Thanksgiving all month long with a Thankful Tree! Each night, Emily, Kyle, Brent, and I all wrote something we were thankful for on a leaf and added it to the tree! Brent and I tried to do something new every night, but we let the kids do whatever, so they did have a couple duplicates. We loved doing this and I'm pretty sure it is going to be a yearly tradition in our family!

Colby didn't participate this year, but if he had, I'm pretty sure his leaves would have said "Mommy," "Boob," "Daddy," "Kyle," "Emily," and "Socks"! :)

Day 1
Brent: Keyla, Emily, Kyle, Colby
Keyla: Salvation
Emily: Mommy
Kyle: Mommy and Daddy

Day 2
Brent: Family
Keyla: Brent
Emily: Daddy
Kyle: God

Day 3
Brent: Jesus
Keyla: Emily, Kyle, Colby
Emily: God
Kyle: Grandma and Grandpa

Day 4
Brent: Church
Keyla: My parents
Kyle: Church

Day 5
Brent: Sharing
Keyla: Friends
Emily: Toy Story characters
Kyle: Grandma and Grandpa

Day 6
Brent: Food
Keyla: Water
Emily: Mommy
Kyle: Crayons

Day 7
Brent: Sleep
Keyla: Food
Emily: Suckers
Kyle: Suckers

Day 8
Brent: Indoor plumbing
Keyla: Washer and Dryer
Emily: Slides
Kyle: Bounce House

Day 9
Brent: Kisses
Keyla: Camera
Emily: Daddy
Kyle: Queen and Mater

Day 10
Brent: Electricity
Keyla: Cloth Diapers
Emily: Teacher (2 year old class)
Kyle: Kiarrah

Day 11
Brent: Paul
Keyla: Pumpkin
Emily: Milk
Kyle: Cookies

Day 12
Brent: God's Plan
Keyla: Van
Emily: Toys
Kyle: Toys

Day 13
Brent: Two Jobs
Keyla: Church
Emily: House
Kyle: Car/Van

Day 14
Brent: Sports
Keyla: Money to buys things our kiddos need
Emily: New Shoes
Kyle: New Shoes

Day 15
Brent: Pop
Keyla: Children who behave
Emily: Brush
Kyle: Lions

Day 16
Brent: Gravity
Keyla: WIC
Emily: Lilly
Kyle: Mister E and ByeBye

Day 17
Brent: Roof
Keyla: Crockpot
Emily: Slide
Kyle: Bounce House

Day 18
Brent: Teenagers
Keyla: Camera
Emily: Circles
Kyle: Brown Candy

Day 19
Brent: Dan and Cathy
Keyla: Dan and Cathy
Emily: Water
Kyle: Milk

Day 20
Brent: Forktrucks
Keyla: Reusable Pounches
Emily: Jessie
Kyle: Brown Ice Cream

Day 21
Brent: Headlights
Keyla: Family Time
Emily: Alligators
Kyle: Rainbows

Day 22
Brent: Toodles
Keyla: Four Seasons
Emily: Library Books
Kyle: Firetrucks

Day 23
Brent: Fingers
Keyla: Bedtime
Emily: House
Kyle: Froggies

Day 24
Brent: Photos
Keyla: Heat
Emily: Snowmen
Kyle: Snowmen

Day 25
Brent: Sunshine
Keyla: Vicks
Emily: iPad
Kyle: People

Day 26
Brent: Cereal
Keyla: Cuddles
Emily: Cereal
Kyle: Daddy Cuddles

Day 27
Brent: Shoes
Keyla: Movies
Emily: Shoes
Kyle: Shoes

Day 28
Brent: Pie
Keyla: Being silly
Emily: Grapes
Kyle: Goldfish

Day 29
Brent: Music
Keyla: Internet
Emily: Grandma and Grandpa
Kyle: Two doggies

Day 30
Brent: Love
Keyla: God's Provision
Emily: Gabby
Kyle: Hiding

Our very full tree!

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