Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Big Kid Beds!

Today Kyle showed me he could climb in and out of his crib with his monkey (sleep sack) on...so I decided it was probably time to convert their cribs to toddler beds... We were really hoping to wait until Christmas... but a few days short of two and a half isn't all that bad...

We decided to get them each a toddler bedding set so that they would have sheets "like Mommy and Daddy" and pillows too! We went to Target tonight and they each got a bedding set and were very excited about them.

When we got home, while Brent gave them baths, I took off the front rails of their cribs and put their new bedding on. They were both very excited and were climbing in and out of their beds the whole time we were trying to get diapers and jammies on and read the Bible.

They both were very anxious for mommy and daddy to tell them night night and leave the room.... once we closed the door, we didn't hear a peep from them. Yay for an easy first night!! Hopefully it's a good sign and will be an easy transition!

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