Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Couple Crazy Days!

I just want to start out by saying Thank You to everyone who has prayed for us and had words of encouragement over the past couple days!

It kind of all started Wednesday night... When we got home from church, we got Emily and Kyle in bed. I went to feed Colby and he refused to eat; he just screamed! After an hour and a half or so of screaming, he finally ate, but only for a few minutes. I thought something was up because he normally eats for at least an hour before bed, but he stayed asleep when I laid him down, so I just kind of went with it.

I figured Colby would be up several times during the night, but he only woke up at 3am and ate for 20 minutes.

Around 5am, Brent woke me up to let me know he was taking the van to work because his car wouldn't start. Throughout the morning, we (Mike) came to the conclusion that it was the battery.

Around 8am, Colby woke up when Kyle and Emily got out of bed and his diaper was barely wet. I tried feeding him and he refused both breast and solids. For the next two hours, I tried every fifteen minutes or so to get him to eat and he kept refusing. He pretty much just screamed for the whole two hours... at one point, I got him to sleep in my wrap for a few minutes.

Around 10am I called the doctor and they had either an appointment at noon or at 5:30. I figured it would be easiest to do the later in the day one, since Brent had to come home from work (an hour away in Lansing) for me to be able to take him to the doctor.

Colby pretty much screamed all day and refused to eat. He also was able to wear the same diaper all day... because he wasn't peeing.

Brent got home around 4pm and we went to Lansing. We stopped at Mike's work to pick up a new battery for Brent's car and then headed to the doctor's office.

A medical student first checked Colby out and said he seemed fine. When the doctor came in, she was checking in out and by the time I was done sharing the last time he had a wet diaper or ate, she decided he was being admitted to the hospital. He was "moderately or extremely dehydrated." She wasn't sure what else was going on, but said they would do blood work at the hospital and check him all out to figure out why he wasn't eating.

So, to the hospital we went. Brent dropped Colby and I off at the hospital and we started the admission process.

Brent needed to go back to Ionia to get the battery home so that it could be installed in his car by a friend and also to get stuff that Colby and I needed for the night. We decided that it would be easiest that Brent, Kyle, and Emily spend the night at my parents' house in Williamston and my mom agreed to watch the kiddos on Friday so that Brent could go to work. So, Brent met Mike and switched cars with him. Kyle and Emily went home with Grandpa so they could eat dinner and Brent headed to Ionia with Mike's car.

Once back in Ionia, Brent got stuff for everyone for the night and our friend showed up to install the new battery in Brent's car.Turns out we got the wrong size battery... just to add to the excitement! So, the battery went back to Mike and he traded it for the right size and will install it on Sunday when they (Grandma and Grandpa) are babysitting during youth group.

At the hospital, we got to Colby's room quickly, but then it seemed slow from there. The nurse got all his vitals and such and I ordered my dinner (Yay for breastfeeding moms getting free meals while baby is in the hospital!! Specially after I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast because of a screaming baby!). Once Colby was "settled" in his room, we waited and waited for the doctor to come in. Our pedi had ordered IV fluids when she sent over the orders to have him admitted, but we had to wait for the hospital pedi to see him to order blood work before they would start the IV so that Colby would only have to be poked once.

Finally, just as my food good to the room, the doctor came in and asked all sorts of questions and checked him out. He was in agreement that Colby was dehydrated, but had no idea why he wouldn't eat. He ordered a bunch of blood work and said that hopefully we would have some answers once we got the results back.

After the doctor left, I gobbled down my food. I had a banana. I took one bite of it and Colby kept reaching for it (he was on my lap while I was eating). So I decided to see if he would eat some... he ate the whole banana, except for the bit I took. I got excited thinking he might nurse too, but he still refused.

Shorty after I ate, they were ready to do his IV. Poor little guy put up such a fight, it took me plus two nurses to hold him still so the nurse could take his blood and start his IV.

After his fluids were started, he cuddled with me for a bit and then decided to start screaming again. Even though he didn't have a fever, the nurse suggested trying to motrin (Tylenol make him throw up). After checking with the doctor, she gave it to him and he sucked it right down. She also gave him a sippy cup of water that he seemed to enjoy. A little while late (almost mid night), he was acting like he wanted to eat, so I tried.. and he ate for an hour!! And then slept in his "cage" for about two hours!

Around 3am, he woke up and was fussy. I checked his diaper and he finally had a wet diaper! He didn't want to eat anymore, just wanted to cuddle. I'd get him to fall asleep and would lay him in his cage and he would start screaming. So, for the rest of the "night" we hung out in mommy's chair and slept on and off.

Around 7am, Colby decided he wanted to eat... and ate for almost two hours! When he was done eating, we both took a two hour nap (with him laying on my chest in the chair). And then he ate some more!

The doctors came back for their morning rounds and decided that we could start the discharge process. Colby's bloodwork came back mostly normal and his ears and throat and everything else looked okay, so they weren't exactly sure what the issue was. The "head doctor" explained that when babies have colds between six and eight months they some times have issues eating because this is the time period when they change from nose breathers to mouth breathers and congestion can mess with that. So this was his best guess as to why he was refusing to eat (Colby has had a cold for a little over a week). He also said that even though his ears and throat looked okay, they could still be hurting him and causing the pain he's been in.

Grandma and Kyle and Emily came to pick us up. I think all three kiddos were excited to be back together again! We headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for lunch and to wait for daddy to get done working so we could head home.

We got home about 3:30 and did dinner at 5:00 and Kyle and Emily were in bed around 6:00! Colby ate for a crazy long time and then slept until 8am... which meant Mommy got lots of sleep too!

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