Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trip To Delaware!

'The kiddos, mommy, and some friends took a long weekend trip to Delaware!!

Our awesome friends Charity and Gabby offered to take a road trip with us so we could go visit our Delaware friends!

We left on Thursday morning and made a few pit stops...and finally got to Philly about 1:30 on Friday morning. The kiddos did amazing in the car. On the way there, the only potty accident we had was from Kyle... but it was while we were eating dinner, so at least it wasn't in the car!

Once we got to the hotel, it took a little bit to get the kiddos all settled, but once they were settled, they did a lot better in the hotel than I thought they would... so after a few short hours of sleep, we headed to Old City to check out the Liberty Bell. We took a horse carriage tour of Old City. Most of us had fun... when we asked Kyle if he was having fun, he said yes and Emily replied "Emmy no fun!"

Once we got back to the van, we decided that Emily was more than just tried... and that she didn't feel good and felt like she had a fever. 

We headed into Delaware and had Primos for lunch. It was VERY yummy. While at lunch, Gabby changed Colby's diaper and noticed he was starting to get a rash. I didn't look at it too much and figured it was just a heat rash and would be fine.

After lunch, we headed over to Bob and Lindsey's house to meet two of their three (almost four) week old triplets! They were so tiny! We also gave Bob some "Tim Nuts!" Emily pretty much cuddled with whoever would cuddle with her and Kyle had fun playing with Autumn (Bob and Lindsey's 22 month old daughter). 

While we were at Bob and Lindsey's, we notice Colby rash was spreading....so we checked it out a little bit more and decided it was hives. I called our pediatricians office and was told to give him some benadryll and take him to the ER to get him checked out.

So... we said our good byes and headed over to AI (the children's hospital) to get Colby check out. I also decided to have Emily checked out while we were there just to make sure she was okay. They really didn't  have much of an explanation for us for Colby's hives or Emily's fever. We were given an EPI pen for Colby and told to just keep giving him benadryll and if he started having issues breathing, to bring him back in. As we were waiting for discharge papers, I decided to check out Emily's month... and found two more teeth cutting through...By Saturday afternoon, Emily's fever was gone and she was back to normal around dinner time. Poor Colby was covered in hives all weekend!

After we were discharged from the ER we headed to Ryan and Modesty's house... where we were staying for the weekend.

When we got to Ryan and Modesty's house, we just hung out. The kiddos watched a movie and played for a while. 

Saturday morning, we hung out at Ryan and Modesty. Our friends Jay Jay and Jenn came over with their two year old son Jayden, so all the kiddos could play together! They all seemed to have fun.

For lunch, we met Jay and Angel (one of my old bosses) at Christiana Mall. It was good to see them, but both kiddos were exhausted and weren't the best behaved kids! Colby was good though... even though it was still covered in hives!

After naps, we headed over to Henry and April's house for dinner. The kids ate more for dinner than they had in a while and Emily was finally acting their herself again. After dinner we got Ritas! Kyle and Emily weren't too sure about it... Kyle stated "Wet, Cold!"

Sunday we went to Iron Faith Fellowship and saw more people we knew! Then lunch with Ryan, Modesty, their boys, John, Randy, and Karen. It was yummy and good to talk with Randy and Karen a little bit.

After lunch, we just hung out at Ryan and Modesty's... after dinner, Ryan got bubbles for the kiddos to play with... and I finally got my camera out! Kyle and Austin ate more bubbles than they blew... but they all seemed to have fun.

After bubbles, all four "big" kids took a bath together. "Silly Emmy bath three boys!" They were pretty cute. Then we had a treat and enjoyed our last little bit of time with our friends.

Monday, once we got around, we headed to Lindsey's to drop off some stuff and say "hi" for a few minutes. Kyle started to cut teeth and run a fever around bedtime on Sunday, so he was crabby. We made one more stop at Primos and headed to Lancaster. We stopped at a park in Lancaster, Colby played in the grass... Emily played on the slide for a few minutes... and Kyle clung to Mommy... Other than that, we had a fairly uneventful trip home... I did figure out I could nurse Colby while he was in his car seat though, that was kind of interesting...

We had lots of fun. The kids did amazing with all the "new" people. I enjoyed seeing old friends and getting to know some new ones better!

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