Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seven Months Old!!

Our chubby monkey is seven months old!!!

Colby is by far the chubbiest of our kids... but his chub is all in his legs. It's pretty cute!

Colby has mastered crawling... and he crawls and crawls and crawls and doesn't ever stay in one spot very long anymore. It mommy leaves the room, there is a good chance that Colby is following!

Colby can also pull himself up on furniture (or whatever he can grab on to) and walk along the furniture.  He can also walk if someone is holding his hands. We would be surprised if he is not walking in the next month or so.

Colby is loving eating solids. We have been feeding him breakfast when Kyle and Emily eat and dinner with the whole family. He seems to really enjoy sitting at the table eating with everyone else. He has done amazingly well eating. So far he has had rice cereal, apples, bananas, carrots, and green beans. He has also had puffs. He gobbles up the fruits and veggies, but really isn't too sure about the puffs yet. Most meals, he is eating about four ounces.

Even though he's eating solids, Colby is still nursing... and nursing... and nursing. It's like he can get enough! While I do enjoy the snuggle time while he eats, I really wish he wouldn't want to eat in the middle of the night... He also also started pinching me while he's nursing and clawing at my face.

Colby has also become a very distracted eater... if there is anything going on, he tends to have a hard time eating. If possible, I try to feed him in my chair in his room. I've also given up all hope on using my nursing cover while feeding him in public. If he's covered, he grabs at the cover and yanks on it.... I feel like I do a better job of staying covered without!

We still are hit or miss when it comes to sleeping through the night. He will for a few nights, and then he'll wake up wanting to eat for a few nights... and then sleep through the night again for a few nights. Hopefully sleeping through the night will become the norm again soon!

Colby normally wakes up and nurses between 5:00 am and 6:00 am and then goes back to sleep until around 8:00 am. (Kyle and Emily also wake up around 8:00 am.) Between 8:00 am and 8:30 am, Colby eats a fruit and/or cereal for breakfast with his brother and sister. Normally between 10:30 am and 11:00 am, he nurses and then takes a short nap. After his nap, Colby wakes up and plays. After Kyle and Emily go down for their afternoon nap, Colby gets mommy time until he starts to get sleepy. Normally between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm, Colby nurses and then goes down for a nap. This nap is anywhere between an hour and three hours. Around 4:00 pm, he normally nurses again. At dinner time (around 5:30 pm), Colby eats a veggie. After dinner, we play and then clean up. Colby has started taking baths with Emily and Kyle every night. After baths, we do jammies, read the Bible, pray, and do night nights. Once Kyle and Emily are in bed, Mommy and Colby cuddle in the chair in Colby's room while he nurses... and nurses... and nurses... for normally 60 to 90 minutes. Then Colby goes to bed and Mommy prays that he sleeps through the night!

 Colby grabs at anything he can reach... and if he can get it in his mouth... it goes in his mouth.

Kyle and Emily don't seem to appreciate Colby's new found mobility. He likes to try to play with their toys... sometimes they are okay with it, but most of the time they tell him no. Emily will normally go find him one of his toys to try to keep him from playing with hers.

We are officially 100% pacifier free! We did us it when we went to Delaware, but stopped again soon as we got back home. For a while, he wouldn't fall asleep unless he was nursing. But now, during the day for his naps, most of the time I lay him in bed still awake and he falls asleep by himself!

For the longest time, Colby loved everyone. He is starting to be a little bit more choosy as to who he likes. He even gives kisses to the people he really likes!

Mommy is for sure Colby's favorite. He reaches for me if I'm near and not holding him. If I am sitting on the floor, he crawls over and climbs in my lap. When I've been away from him, his face lights up when he sees me. Colby is a total mama's boy!

Bath time is be coming a bit more of a challenge now that Colby is more mobile. Kyle and Emily love having him in the bath tub with them... sometimes he seems to like it and other times he seems to hate it. If we can get him to play with toys, then he'll sit and play and be content in the water. Other times, he tries to crawl around the tub or stand up holding onto the slide of the tub.

Colby is generally a happy and laid back kiddos. Most of the time, the only time he's not happy is when he's hungry. He gives lots of smiles and giggles!

Colby is wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothes.

Monday, August 26, 2013