Sunday, July 28, 2013

Six Months Old!

Colby is half way to being a year old!

And he's attacking blocks!

Colby is sitting up all by him self! He's now stable enough where I can walk away from him and don't have to constantly worry about him falling over!

Colby rolls... and rolls.. and rolls.. and rolls! The kid doesn't like to stay in one spot for very long.

Colby gets up on his hands and knees into the crawling position and rocks back and forth. For a few days, he crawled with his head and knees, but stopped.

Colby is very interested in everything going on around him... he likes to touch and feel everything he can get his little hands on... and put everything in his mouth.

Colby still isn't sleeping through the night again. Most nights he is waking up around 3am, eating and going back to sleep. Some nights he wakes up more than once wanting to eat.

Colby normally takes a short morning nap and a short evening nap, and a long afternoon nap. But when we are out and about, he just kinda goes with the flow and does takes little cap naps on and off when he can.

Colby is still eating every three hours or so during the day. First thing in the morning, before his afternoon nap, and before bed, he will eat and eat and eat... but his other "meals" are more like "snacks."

We made it six months with exclusively breastfeeding... and exclusively nursing! Colby is a boob man! No bottles for him!

Colby has finally out grown his 0-3 month clothes. His 3 month onsies and tops still fit him, but the 3 month pants are a little tight. He is mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes now and all of his jammies are 6 months.

Yesterday, I installed Colby's big kid car seat in the van. I was getting tired of carrying to infant car seat around... plus Colby's shoulders were above the top slot for the straps... so it was time.

Colby has been pacifier free since Monday for the most part. A couple times I have used it to get him calmed down when he has gotten himself so worked up when he has having a hard time falling asleep without it. But I think we are now finally done with it for good!

When we've gone out to eat recently, Colby has be sitting like a big boy in a regular high chair!

Colby loves to watch Emily and Kyle. He laughs and giggles at them and they normally can get the biggest smiles from him.

Colby loves playing in the water! He's gone swimming several times and is just kind of chill in the water. During bath time, he loves to splash and play with the water.

Colby's personality is starting to come out more and more. He reminds me a lot of his daddy... most of the time he is very laid back and doesn't have a care in the world. Normally the only time he gets upset is when he gets hurt or if he's hungry.

Last week Colby went to the nursery for the first time at church. He normally eats half way through the service, so we kept him with us for singing, then I went into Brent's office to feed him and then took him down to the nursery. He did well. Today we did the same thing.

Colby had rice cereal for the first time today. I'll do another post about that...

Colby still enjoys his wrap when he's sleepy. If we are out and about during nap time, I normally wrap him up and he takes good naps in his wrap. If he's wake, he doesn't mind being in it, but likes to look around. I put him in another carrier last week... he did okay with it, and seemed to enjoy facing out, but my back did not like the other carrier.

I'm not sure what else to say about the little dude...

We love him...

And he's cute...

And has chubby little legs...

And makes crazy faces...

And likes to blow raspberries...

And be cute...

As Emily would say... "Silly Polby!"

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