Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sippy Cup!

For the past couple weeks, anytime Colby could get his hands on Emily or Kyle's sippy cups, they were in his mouth almost instantly!

I was a little worried about Emily and Kyle's reaction if I gave Colby one of their sippy cups, so I let them pick out sippy cups for Colby on Thursday at the store.

When we got home, they asked as soon as their shoes were off if Colby could have water in his cup. So I washed one of the out and gave it to Colby.

Emily wanted to help....

Colby didn't like the water when it was cold... but seemed to enjoy drinking like his brother and sister once the water was room temp.

He seems to have gotten the hang of it by himself now after a couple days...

Whenever Emily and Kyle have their water cups, they have to make sure Colby has his too..

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