Thursday, July 11, 2013

John Ball Zoo

We met some friends at the John Ball Zoo this morning and had lots of fun!

We had some fights over who go to sit in the two seats on the stroller... I think all three of the kiddos sat in both seats at one point or another...

Emily and Kyle both pet animals... they weren't too afraid.

Colby even got in on the action at the petting zoo!

We brushed the goats.

And saw the cows... but they were different than the cows on the Cary Dairy Farm (Kyle said so)

Emily and Kyle are looking for the monkeys... Mommy found two to take a picture of :)

Looking at the flamingos with "dose boys"...

They both thought the flying monkeys were pretty cool.

Colby hung out in the stroller most of the time... and even took a nice nap :)

Kyle with "dose boys"

Looking at the kimono dragon...

We had way more fun this time at the zoo. John Ball is for sure better for little kiddos than Binder Park (and way cheaper)!


  1. have you been to potter park? that's also a great size for little kids and pretty cheap as well! we love zoos, and get a membership every year. it's a great way to spend a day, and is worth it if you go just a few times! we have ours for now at binder (about 40 minutes away) but when they get older we'll do maybe toledo, fort wayne, or detroit....

  2. We did do Potter Park last summer a couple times when we were living in Lansing and enjoyed that one as well. The friends we met at the zoo yesterday live in Muskegon, so Grand Rapids was in the middle. The kids really seem to like the zoo and seeing the animals, but everything at Binder Park was just a little to spread out for us right now.