Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Colby says Bye Bye to his Pacifiers

I decided on Monday that Colby was done with pacifiers. We said they were going to be gone at six months... and since we are taking a long road trip four days after he turns six months, I decided he was going to say bye bye to his pacifier a week early.

Day 1:
I put Colby down for his morning nap and he cried for about ten minutes. I put him in his swing (which is semi normal for his morning nap) and he cried for about five more minutes and then went to sleep.
For Colby's afternoon nap, he nursed and went to sleep like normal. After I laid him in his bed, he did wake up for a couple minutes, but went back to sleep quickly.
At bedtime, he nursed and fell asleep like normal...

Day 2:
After 20 minutes of screaming when it was time for Colby's morning nap, I tried getting him calmed down and nothing was seeming to work. I caved and gave him his pacifier and he instantly calmed down and went to sleep. As soon as I laid him down in his crib, I took his pacifier away and he stayed asleep.
He had a short afternoon nap on the way home from Lansing in his car seat. He fussed for a couple minutes once in his seat, but fell asleep quickly.
After we got home, he played for a while and then nursed until he fell asleep for a long late afternoon nap.
Bedtime was the same as normal, he nursed and fell asleep.

Day 3:
There really wasn't a morning nap today. Colby hung out and rested in his wrap while we went grocery shopping.
After lunch, he nursed for a long time and fell asleep. He was asleep about an hour and was fussing. He nursed some more (for a long time) and fell back asleep.

Colby had been only  waking up once at night, around 3am, wanting to eat. The past two nights he has woken up multiple times and fall back asleep nursing. I'm not sure if its has anything to do with no pacifier or if he really is just hungry, as he has eating a ton in the middle of the night.

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