Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Potty Training Update

Emily and Kyle are doing really well still with potty training!

They are still wearing their training pants during naps, but wake up dry most of the time. If anything... Kyle has a tendency to poop during nap time.

At night time, they are still wearing diapers. Most days, Emily wakes up dry. Kyle typically wakes up damp... every once in a while his diaper is soaked.

During the day, we are still typically having a few accidents a week, but they are getting better and better. They are starting to ask to use the bathroom and we aren't having to remind them to use the bathroom as often.

They also both are starting to go by themselves! They can both get their pants down by them selves and sit on the potty. They both still need help getting their pants back up though... but we are working on it!

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