Saturday, June 8, 2013

Emily's ER Visit

Emily hadn't been keeping down food or liquids for almost 48 hours, so we decided it was time to take her in to be seen. I had called the pediatrician earlier and they told me if she wasn't better soon, we needed to take her to the ER.

Luckily, she never felt really bad, she just puked anytime she ate or drank anything.

Emily thought the ER was the best place in the world. While we sat in the waiting room, she got to do puzzles on the iPad and didn't have to share with Kyle. Once we were taken back to a room, she got a bed all to her self (eventually she decided Mommy and Colby needed to sit on the bed with her). She got to pick which shows she watched on the iPad while we waiting in our room. Once the doctor saw her, she got medicine and juice and crackers. She also go a coloring book and crayons and stickers.

The doctor gave her zofran and after taking that, she was able to keep down juice and crackers. So we were sent home with an Rx for zofran and told to get her to drink lots and lots.

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