Sunday, May 5, 2013

Potty Training Update

Emily is still doing well for the most part. She has yet to have a pee accident, but has pooped in her underwear a couple times. Emily is wearing her regular underwear during the day, training underwear at nap time, and a diaper at night time. Most days she wakes up from nap time dry (yesterday she popped) and in the morning she has been waking up dry or damp.

Kyle on the other hand.... we thought he was finally getting the hang on it... but today he showed us we thought wrong. The kid poops several times a day... and only half the time does he go on the potty. He is doing better staying dry. It is still a fight to get him to sit on the potty... I'm not giving up though... he'll catch on eventually... :)

On Saturday, Brent had practice for church softball... so we all went... we knew we would be there for a couple hours and that there wouldn't be a bathroom to use... so we took our little potty and the kids sat on it in the van. They both thought it was pretty silly to use the potty in the van, but they both did a good job and other than Kyle pooping his pants, they didn't have any accidents.

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