Sunday, April 28, 2013

Three Months Old!

Colby is already three months old!

He is wearing 0-3 month clothes and 3 month jammies. The little dude has a long torso, so he has outgrown his jammies quicker than his clothes.

Colby is a very chill kiddo still. He enjoyed laying on his play mat and watching Emily and Kyle play. He normally doesn't let to be held or cuddles unless he is eating or sleepy. If he thinks he has been held too long... he'll let you know by screaming.

If Colby is being held, he prefers to be up so that he can see... none of that being held like a baby stuff for him!

Colby's day normally starts around 7:00am and he normally goes to sleep around 10:00pm. He normally wants to eat every two to three hours, but will do one four hour stretch most days when he takes a long nap.

Colby is still a little champ when it comes to nursing and has yet to have a bottle... if we can never do a bottle, that's fine with me! My milk supply is now under control and has regulated for meeting Colby's demands most of the time. I'm still pumping every once in a while on days he decides he's not very hungry...

Colby normally does a short nap in the morning and in the late afternoon and a long nap in the middle of the day.

Colby is starting to self wean with his pacifier. Some days he wants nothing to do with it and other days he wants it to fall asleep. We are going to start just using it for sleeping when he wants it...

Colby has learned how to blow spit bubbles... so he is now a little slobber face...

Colby has started to giggle... Emily gets in his face and starts giggling and he'll giggle back at him and they go on giggling at each other for several minutes. It's pretty cute.

Colby has started to hold some toys when we put them in his hands. He also has started to bat at the toys hanging on his play mat.

Colby has found his hands and loves to watch them move in front of his face and suck on them.

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