Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spelling Puzzles

Grandma Franks bought Emily and Kyle spelling puzzles. We got them out yesterday for the first time... they are three and four piece puzzles with a picture and the word spelled out. The box says for ages 4+... the first time they did them, I just took apart the puzzles and didn't mix them up well and Emily and Kyle put all 20 puzzles together in about 15 minutes. After that, I started mixing up the pieces when I took them apart, so it took them a little bit longer to complete all 20 puzzles, but not much. It's currently their new favorite "toy"...

We've worked a lot of upper case letters and they recognize most of the upper case letters, specially if we give them the name we have associated with the letter... (E is for Emily, K is for Kyle, C is for Colby, M is for Mommy, D is for Daddy, N is for Nora, G is for Grandma and Grandpa, ect.) I was happily surprised when they were pointing out the lower case letters on the puzzles and recognizing the letters!

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