Sunday, April 28, 2013

Potty Training Day #4

This morning Emily woke up asking to sit on the potty... and her diaper was completely dry! Kyle's diaper was soaked as normal in the morning, but he also wanted to sit on the potty.

When we left for church, both kiddos were still accident free for the day. When we got to church, Brent took the kids potty before we took them to their class... Emily was still good... but Kyle had pooped in his underwear. Got him cleaned up and clean underwear and took them to class. A little bit after church started, our number was up on the board... Kyle pooped in his underwear again. After accident number two, he was back in a diaper.

Both kids woke up from naps dry and peed on the potty! All afternoon they both stayed dry.

We had to go back to church tonight and while we were there, Kyle had a dirty diaper :(

After church we went out to dinner. It had been a while since Emily sat on the potty, so we tried at the restaurant. Emily wasn't so sure about using using the public restroom. She peed a little bit... But was more concerned about the "dirt" and the "ewes".

When we got home, Kyle was sitting on the potty and Emily was waiting her turn dancing around... But Kyle took too long and the poor little girlie had an accident :(

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