Friday, April 26, 2013

Potty Training Day #2

This morning Emily woke up with an almost dry diaper and asked to sit on the potty as soon as I got her out of her crib.

Kyle had a very wet diaper when he woke up.

Both kiddos did very well and stayed dry all morning.

When left around 11 to go have lunch with Brent at work. I debated about putting diapers on them... I figured Emily would be okay, but was concerned about Kyle. Once I realized putting a diaper on Kyle was going to be a fight, but decided to just let him keep his underwear on.

We went to Tommy and Allie's house first to pick up Allie and Parker. When we got there, but kids sat on the potty, but only Emily went. Then about five minutes later, Kyle pooped and peed in his underwear. I got him all cleaned up and got put clean underwear on him.

When we were at Brent's work, they both sat on the potty, but didn't go. Kyle wanted to put a diaper on, so he did. 

Emily peed when we dropped off  Allie and Parker. On the way home (about 45 minutes), they both fell asleep. I was very concerned that Emily would wake up wet and be upset. When we got home though, I was very happy to find her dry! She did sit on the potty though as soon as we got inside.

Kyle kept a diaper on the rest of the day, but still did sit on the potty a couple times.

Emily finsihed day two of potty training dry with no accidents!

Hopefully Kyle will get the hang of it soon!

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