Monday, April 1, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training

Last week Emily was having poop issues... as in she couldn't get it out. I talked to a nurse at our peds office a couple times throughout the week and it was thought that Emily had hemroids and constipation... on Friday I finally took her to the doctor and he said he didn't their there were any hemroids... just lots of poop backed up :(

He gave a bunch of suggestions as to how to best help Emily out. She has been wanting to poop on the potty lots (as has Kyle). We have a potty seat for the toilet that they have both been using. The doctor said that we needed to invest in a little potty... because it's easier to push out poop when your feet can touch the ground.

We haven't really been doing much as fair as potty training goes... we just let them sit on the potty when they ask. They both love the little potty and have used it lots the past couple days. We are just going to keep doing what we are doing and really not push potty training until the middle of the summer or so... but I have a feeling both kiddos might just potty training themselves.

This morning Emily woke up dry and asked to sit on the potty when I took her diaper off... she peed on the potty... and asked a couple times to sit on the potty throughout the morning... not once did she go in her diaper! The afternoon was a different story... but hey.. it's something :)

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