Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training Day #1

We got a little potty a couple weeks ago hoping that it would help with Emily's poop issues... and it did. We weren't really making a big deal out of it and didn't want to really focus on potty training... but Emily loves going poop and pee on the little potty... Kyle sometimes does and sometimes is too busy playing...

I had been reading all about the different types of training underwear and knew we wanted to stick to something along the lines with cloth diapers. I found a couple different kinds that I liked and talked to a few people that had used them and decided that I wanted to go with the Best Bottom Training pants. 

On Tuesday, the kiddos and I took a trip to the cloth diaper store in Lansing and Emily and Kyle each picked out two pairs of "big kid underwear." Emily was VERY excited about them... Kyle thought it was cool, but really didn't care a whole lot. 

I was still going to wait to start actually wearing them, but Emily was so excited about them and asked a couple times yesterday about her "derwear." So I washed them yesterday and today... ready or not... we started potty training.

I started off with both kiddos sitting on the potty when they got out of bed at 8:00. I told them they could only wear their underwear if that sat on the potty first. I also told them that if they didn't sit on the potty when I asked them to, that I would put a diaper on them.

Every half an hour or so, I asked them if they needed to go poop or pee. If they wanted to try, I helped them sit on the potty. If they didn't want to... I gave them a little bit and then made them. I didn't let them go longer than 45 minutes without sitting on the potty.

Kyle had his first accident around 11:30... about five minutes after he had sat on the potty. As soon as he peed, he told me and asked for new "mamimals" (The underwear have inserts with animals on them). 

Nap time was a fight to get them to be okay with diapers. We had tears when I took their underwear off and got diapers out... After nap time, they both woke up a little wet, but both sat on the potty and went before they put their underwear back on.

Kyle had two accidents this afternoon and told me right away both times. After his third accident of the day, I put a diaper back on him. But a little bit later he asked to sit on the potty and went...

Emily made it ALL day with no accidents!! She got a special treat! 

Neither one of them seemed to care about putting diapers back on for bed time...

Hopefully Kyle will do better tomorrow and Emily will stay dry!

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