Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Potty Training Day #6

Emily woke up wet, but other than that made it all day without an accident... and that included wearing underwear at nap time! I also stopped making her sit on the potty as often today. Every 45 minutes or so I asked if she needed to sit on the potty. I only made her every hour and a half.. but she told me most of the time when she had to go!!

Now we just have to get Emily to consistently stay dry at night...

Kyle on the other hand... had on a diaper by 9:00... but he did okay sitting on the potty and going. I think he only had two wet diapers... one after nap time and one at the end of the day.

Tomorrow we are going to let them pick out their big kid underwear when we go to the store. Hopefully this will motivate Kyle a little bit!

Play Doh

Emily and Kyle enjoy playing with Play Doh. They got a bunch for Christmas, but had been just playing with the little tinny containers of it. On Sunday we got out a big kid of big containers and "tools" that we got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Eubank. Emily had fun cutting the Play Doh and making shapes!

13 Weeks Old!

I realized today that I forgot to take block pictures yesterday... so here they are... a day late :(

Monday, April 29, 2013

Potty Training Day #5

Emily woke up a little damp this morning, but she had a rough night last night and had a bunch of water to drink during the night... so I expected it. Other than that, Emily stayed dry all day! Tomorrow, I am going to let her sleep in her underwear during nap time!

Kyle woke up wet, but wanted to sit on the potty and wear his underwear. But around 9:30 he peed in his underwear and a little after 10:00 he pooped and went back to his diaper. But, he managed to keep his diaper dry until dinner time. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Potty Training Day #4

This morning Emily woke up asking to sit on the potty... and her diaper was completely dry! Kyle's diaper was soaked as normal in the morning, but he also wanted to sit on the potty.

When we left for church, both kiddos were still accident free for the day. When we got to church, Brent took the kids potty before we took them to their class... Emily was still good... but Kyle had pooped in his underwear. Got him cleaned up and clean underwear and took them to class. A little bit after church started, our number was up on the board... Kyle pooped in his underwear again. After accident number two, he was back in a diaper.

Both kids woke up from naps dry and peed on the potty! All afternoon they both stayed dry.

We had to go back to church tonight and while we were there, Kyle had a dirty diaper :(

After church we went out to dinner. It had been a while since Emily sat on the potty, so we tried at the restaurant. Emily wasn't so sure about using using the public restroom. She peed a little bit... But was more concerned about the "dirt" and the "ewes".

When we got home, Kyle was sitting on the potty and Emily was waiting her turn dancing around... But Kyle took too long and the poor little girlie had an accident :(

Three Months Old!

Colby is already three months old!

He is wearing 0-3 month clothes and 3 month jammies. The little dude has a long torso, so he has outgrown his jammies quicker than his clothes.

Colby is a very chill kiddo still. He enjoyed laying on his play mat and watching Emily and Kyle play. He normally doesn't let to be held or cuddles unless he is eating or sleepy. If he thinks he has been held too long... he'll let you know by screaming.

If Colby is being held, he prefers to be up so that he can see... none of that being held like a baby stuff for him!

Colby's day normally starts around 7:00am and he normally goes to sleep around 10:00pm. He normally wants to eat every two to three hours, but will do one four hour stretch most days when he takes a long nap.

Colby is still a little champ when it comes to nursing and has yet to have a bottle... if we can never do a bottle, that's fine with me! My milk supply is now under control and has regulated for meeting Colby's demands most of the time. I'm still pumping every once in a while on days he decides he's not very hungry...

Colby normally does a short nap in the morning and in the late afternoon and a long nap in the middle of the day.

Colby is starting to self wean with his pacifier. Some days he wants nothing to do with it and other days he wants it to fall asleep. We are going to start just using it for sleeping when he wants it...

Colby has learned how to blow spit bubbles... so he is now a little slobber face...

Colby has started to giggle... Emily gets in his face and starts giggling and he'll giggle back at him and they go on giggling at each other for several minutes. It's pretty cute.

Colby has started to hold some toys when we put them in his hands. He also has started to bat at the toys hanging on his play mat.

Colby has found his hands and loves to watch them move in front of his face and suck on them.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Potty Training Day #3

Emily had her first accident today :( She pooped in her underwear five minutes after she sat on the potty trying to poop. She was very upset... I felt bad for her... until the poop ended up all over the bathroom...

Other than that, Emily stayed dry all day. She was even dry when she woke up from her nap... and was only a little damp this morning when she got out of bed!

Kyle on the other hand... by 10:30 or so was back in a diaper after he had two accidents. He did continue to sit on the potty throughout the day and went some, but still had wet and poopy diapers :(

We started a sticker chart this morning. Brent thought it might provide some incentive for Kyle. It sort of did... he threw a 45 minute fit after he didn't get stickers on his chart and Emily did.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Potty Training Day #2

This morning Emily woke up with an almost dry diaper and asked to sit on the potty as soon as I got her out of her crib.

Kyle had a very wet diaper when he woke up.

Both kiddos did very well and stayed dry all morning.

When left around 11 to go have lunch with Brent at work. I debated about putting diapers on them... I figured Emily would be okay, but was concerned about Kyle. Once I realized putting a diaper on Kyle was going to be a fight, but decided to just let him keep his underwear on.

We went to Tommy and Allie's house first to pick up Allie and Parker. When we got there, but kids sat on the potty, but only Emily went. Then about five minutes later, Kyle pooped and peed in his underwear. I got him all cleaned up and got put clean underwear on him.

When we were at Brent's work, they both sat on the potty, but didn't go. Kyle wanted to put a diaper on, so he did. 

Emily peed when we dropped off  Allie and Parker. On the way home (about 45 minutes), they both fell asleep. I was very concerned that Emily would wake up wet and be upset. When we got home though, I was very happy to find her dry! She did sit on the potty though as soon as we got inside.

Kyle kept a diaper on the rest of the day, but still did sit on the potty a couple times.

Emily finsihed day two of potty training dry with no accidents!

Hopefully Kyle will get the hang of it soon!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training Day #1

We got a little potty a couple weeks ago hoping that it would help with Emily's poop issues... and it did. We weren't really making a big deal out of it and didn't want to really focus on potty training... but Emily loves going poop and pee on the little potty... Kyle sometimes does and sometimes is too busy playing...

I had been reading all about the different types of training underwear and knew we wanted to stick to something along the lines with cloth diapers. I found a couple different kinds that I liked and talked to a few people that had used them and decided that I wanted to go with the Best Bottom Training pants. 

On Tuesday, the kiddos and I took a trip to the cloth diaper store in Lansing and Emily and Kyle each picked out two pairs of "big kid underwear." Emily was VERY excited about them... Kyle thought it was cool, but really didn't care a whole lot. 

I was still going to wait to start actually wearing them, but Emily was so excited about them and asked a couple times yesterday about her "derwear." So I washed them yesterday and today... ready or not... we started potty training.

I started off with both kiddos sitting on the potty when they got out of bed at 8:00. I told them they could only wear their underwear if that sat on the potty first. I also told them that if they didn't sit on the potty when I asked them to, that I would put a diaper on them.

Every half an hour or so, I asked them if they needed to go poop or pee. If they wanted to try, I helped them sit on the potty. If they didn't want to... I gave them a little bit and then made them. I didn't let them go longer than 45 minutes without sitting on the potty.

Kyle had his first accident around 11:30... about five minutes after he had sat on the potty. As soon as he peed, he told me and asked for new "mamimals" (The underwear have inserts with animals on them). 

Nap time was a fight to get them to be okay with diapers. We had tears when I took their underwear off and got diapers out... After nap time, they both woke up a little wet, but both sat on the potty and went before they put their underwear back on.

Kyle had two accidents this afternoon and told me right away both times. After his third accident of the day, I put a diaper back on him. But a little bit later he asked to sit on the potty and went...

Emily made it ALL day with no accidents!! She got a special treat! 

Neither one of them seemed to care about putting diapers back on for bed time...

Hopefully Kyle will do better tomorrow and Emily will stay dry!

Monday, April 22, 2013

12 Weeks Old

Colby was all smiles until I got the camera out... then he just looked afraid! Silly kiddo!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grand Rapids Children's Museum

We went to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum today and the kiddos had a blast! We even bought a membership so that Mommy has to take them back!

They have a little "town" set up with a bank, a cafe, a post office, and a grocery store.

There were balls...

And bubbles..

And mirrors...

A giant light bright...

A dentist office...

And so much more...

They were bees, things to climb on, musical instruments, giant blocks, crafts....

When we got home Emily asked "Go back play?" I do plan on it... it really isn't the far and now that I've been with someone else, I know for sure that I would be okay taking the kiddos by my self... so I plan on taking them back several times in the next year to make sure we get our moneys worth out of our membership!

Colby went too... he hung out in his Solly Wrap most of the time and just chilled!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In the craft box we got from Aunt Kara for Christmas, there were some dot markers. We got them out today!

I tried to make it more "educational" by giving Emily an E and Kyle a K to use their dots on... they both did better than I thought they would filling in the dots!

Yes.. those are tears... he was sad they he finished a picture and we had to put it up to dry..