Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Year Well Visits

Emily and Kyle had their two year well visits today.

Emily is 30.5 inches tall (below the 1st percentile) and weighs 19.31 lbs (below the 1st percentile).

The doctor was a little bit concerned that Emily is still so small. He said at this point, we just need to watch and make sure she continues to grow. We aren't too concerned though.. she's growing... she is small, but she started out very small. She eats well and looks healthy.. so we don't think its too big of a deal at this point. We are going to keep giving her whole milk though for a little while longer.

Kyle is 33.5 inches tall (22nd percentile) and weighs 22.38 lbs (3rd percentile).

The only concern that the doctor had with Kyle is that when we had blood work done after their 18 month appoints, his platelet count was a little low, so he had us to get more blood work done to re-check it. We got a phone call this afternoon from the nurse saying that the blood work came back and everything look great.

Both kiddos did well with their one shot and Kyle did great getting his blood drawn. There were a few tears, but not too bad!

So over all, we have two healthy.. but small two year olds!

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