Saturday, March 23, 2013

One down... One to go...

On Thursday Brent went and did our final walk through of our apartment in Mason... our lease is finally over there so we are no longer paying rent for two apartments!

The landlord has supposedly been trying to find someone to lease our apartment since November so that we could get out of our lease... but she obviously wasn't trying very hard and failed! But we have a good God who provided for us so that we were able to keep paying rent for an empty apartment.

We still technically own our house in Delaware though. We've signed all of the paperwork and the bank was supposed to sign the paperwork this past week, but when they went to do the final property inspection before they signed the paperwork, they found that someone had stolen the AC condenser unit from the back of the house. Because we had already signed the paperwork, it is the bank responsibility. They have already ordered a new one, but sounded like they have to wait until it is installed before they will sign the paperwork to make the deed-in-lieu official. Our contact person is supposed to be figuring out if they can sign the paperwork sooner since the new unit has been ordered or something... either way though, we should officially be free of our house by the end of the month!

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