Friday, March 8, 2013

Emily and Kyle are TWO!

How did that happen?? It really seems like that we were just finding out that we were pregnant the first time...

Emily and Kyle are so grow up! They are learning so many new things and new words every day!

Communication wise, they know way too many words to count. Yes, some of there words some exactly like other words. Yes, some of their words only Mommy understands. But.. they are learning more and more words every day and getting better at saying them correctly.

Emily and Kyle are becoming very good at communicating what they want... and like most two year olds, when they want something, they want it NOW! We are working on patiently waiting... which sometimes happens and other times ends up with one or both of them throwing a fit!

Emily and Kyle are doing amazing with their letters, numbers, and shapes! They can recognize most letters and know someone's name that starts with most of the letters. If they hear the ABC song, most of the time they will sing along with the letter that the know (and mumble the tune at the rest)! They can count by them selves to four most of the time, but when reading our number book, I can get them to count to ten with only a little bit of help! They recognize stars, circles, squares, and triangles and will point them out often.

Kyle and Emily know many animals names and sounds. If they are asked what sound a curtain animal makes, they will make the sound. If they are asked what an animal is, most of the time they will make the sound, but every once in a while they will tell you the name of the animal.

Emily and Kyle LOVE to play on the iPad. We've downloaded a bunch of education apps and put them all in a folder. They know how to unlock the iPad and know which folder is theirs and know how to open the apps. They also know how to close the apps and switch to a new one. It's crazy how well they know how to use it. Their favorite apps are the puzzle ones.

Other than the iPad, their current favorite toys are their wagon and their Elmo and Cookie Monsters. They love to pile toys in the wagon and then climb in too. They often get upset because once they have all the toys in they want, there isn't room for them. Elmo pretty much does everything with us... and normally the Cookies do too!

Kyle and Emily are starting to want to pick out their clothes in the morning. They are no longer happy wearing their jammies all morning. Normally they want clothes on when we change their diapers in the morning. If they see their "Big Brother" and "Big Sister" shirts in their drawer, they have to wear those... and then tell me several times during the day what their shirts say. With the sunshine the past couple weeks, it has been getting warm in our apartment. If it's warm, after naps I try to get them just to hang out in their onsies, but they normally throw a fit until I help them put their clothes back on. They are also getting very good at dressing and undressing themselves. Kyle can even get his shoes on by him self most of the time!

Emily and Kyle have started to play pretend. Most of the time its by themselves, but sometimes their pretend play is together. Its very fun to watch.

Emily and Kyle normally wake up sometime between 6:30 and 7:00 am. We play all morning and then eat lunch around noon. After lunch we pick up toys and then go down for naps normally between 12:30 and 1:00pm. The length of their nap varies from an hour to three hours... we play after naps until dinner at 5:30pm and then normally they to go bed around 7:00pm.

Emily and Kyle are loving having a baby brother most of the time. They love to help Mommy with Colby any time they can. Often, they will get the coconut oil for me when I'm changing Colby's diaper. They also love to take care of Colby's dirty clothes. They will get Colby's play mat when they think it's time for him to play, or pull out one of her pillows (boppies) when they think he needs that. It's very cute. They also love to do tummy time with Colby! And of course, they love to give Colby hugs and kisses and hold him.

Emily's favorite food is cheese... I think she will eat anything if there is cheese on it.

Emily is a little Mama in the making. She loves to take care of her baby dolls when I'm taking care of Colby. She has recently decided that her baby dolls needs to be breastfed too. If I'm feeding Colby and she's playing with her baby doll, she will often "nurse" her baby doll too while proclaiming that she has "boob like Mama." She also likes to pretend to change her baby's diaper and wrap her baby doll up in blankets.

Emily has a plethora of crazy faces. My favorites are the ones she makes when she's trying to pretend someone isn't talking to her.

Emily now has 12 teeth and has another two that are starting to push their way through!

Kyle LOVES cuddling! He loves cuddling with Mommy and Daddy the most, but also loves to cuddle with Emily. She sometimes likes this... and sometimes not. He normally wants a blanket while cuddling, specially when cuddling on the couch.

Kyle is a bottomless pit most of the time. When we are eating something he enjoys, he eats... and eats.. and eats. Normally anything with dippies is a big hit with him.

Kyle has 16 teeth! Yay for no more teething for a while!

Kyle has become very attached to blankies. It doesn't really seem to matter what blanket, he just loves them all!

Kyle loves to have his picture taken. He will often bring me my phone and then make a cheeser face and say "Cheeeeeese Mama!"

For their birthday, Emily and Kyle got two fishes from Mommy and Daddy! When they went to the table for breakfast this morning, they were very surprised at what they saw!

Kyle wanted to touch the fishes...

Emily just wanted to watch the fishes..

They sat and watched them for at least a half an hour... and went to check on them throughout the day while they were playing...

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