Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two Months Old!

My sweet baby boy is already two months old!

Colby is an amazing sleeper! He takes three short naps and one long day during the day and is technically sleeping through the night.

Colby enjoys tummy time most days. He does baby push ups and looks around to see what's going on. He also does a good job scooting himself forward when he is on his tummy. He's rolled over to his back twice, but I think both times were by accident... and he got mad that he couldn't get back to his tummy.

Colby's typical day looks like this... it varies a little day to day...

  • 4am - Wake mommy up, get a clean diapers, eat, and go back to sleep
  • 8am - get a clean diaper and eat
  • 9:30 - take a short nap
  • 10am - get a clean diaper and eat
  • 11am - take a long nap
  • 2pm - get a clean diaper and eat
  • 4:30 - take a short nap
  • 5pm- get a clean diaper and eat
  • 6pm - take a short nap
  • 7:30 - hang out with mommy and daddy after big brother and sister go to bed
  • 8pm - bath time
  • 8:30 - eat and play with mommy and daddy
  • 10pm - get a clean diaper, eat, and go night night

Most of the time Colby is a great eater. He normally latches right on and nurses for 8 to 10 minutes during the day. In the evening, he has been eating for 20 minutes or so. Every once in a while he is still having issues with how fast my letdown is, but seems to have gotten the hang for the most part.

Colby loves to suck... so he is still using a pacifier... and using it more than he was before. In another month or so, we will start trying to cut back on using it.

Colby has mastered neck and head control and does baby crunches! He is crazy strong.

Colby love to be in his solly wrap (it's like a molby wrap). He normally cuddles right up to mommy and take a good nap.

Colby is still sleeping in mommy and daddy's room in a pack'n'play at night, but takes his naps in his crib. Once he is sleeping a little bit longer at night, we will move him to his crib at night too.

Monday, March 25, 2013

8 Weeks Old!


We did another craft from the craft box from Aunt Kara today.

Emily and Kyle each had a heart shape with holes in it.

And they each had a shoe lace.

They "sowed" the shoe lace through the wholes.

They both did okay with it.

It kept them busy for almost 45 minutes.

Then they carried the hearts around with them for the rest of the day.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

One down... One to go...

On Thursday Brent went and did our final walk through of our apartment in Mason... our lease is finally over there so we are no longer paying rent for two apartments!

The landlord has supposedly been trying to find someone to lease our apartment since November so that we could get out of our lease... but she obviously wasn't trying very hard and failed! But we have a good God who provided for us so that we were able to keep paying rent for an empty apartment.

We still technically own our house in Delaware though. We've signed all of the paperwork and the bank was supposed to sign the paperwork this past week, but when they went to do the final property inspection before they signed the paperwork, they found that someone had stolen the AC condenser unit from the back of the house. Because we had already signed the paperwork, it is the bank responsibility. They have already ordered a new one, but sounded like they have to wait until it is installed before they will sign the paperwork to make the deed-in-lieu official. Our contact person is supposed to be figuring out if they can sign the paperwork sooner since the new unit has been ordered or something... either way though, we should officially be free of our house by the end of the month!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We got family pictures taken a couple weeks ago... we got the CD of them today! Here are some