Monday, February 4, 2013

Weight Check and Color Check

The kids and I headed out on our own today.... taking two toddlers and a newborn out of the house by my self is a lot more work than just two toddlers! But we made it... with no major issues.

We headed to the hospital first so that Colby could get his blood taken for another bili count. The hospital is a couple blocks from Grandpa Franks' work, so we stopped and picked him up on the way. Emily and Kyle were happy to see Grandpa and played with him in the waiting room while Colby got his blood work done.

We dropped Grandpa back off at work and headed to the doctor's office. Colby's appointment was at 10:30... we didn't get put in a room until 11:30... it was a little crazy. Colby needed to eat, so I fed him in the waiting room, while trying to keep Emily and Kyle out of trouble.

Once we finally were in a room, the doctor was in quickly. Colby gained another two ounces, so he's up to 6 lbs 10 oz. His color is starting to look a little bit better.... the whites of his eyes are pretty much white again! His bili count came back at 11.7... so 0.1 lower than Saturday. It's slowly going down... The doctor wants us to come back on Friday for another weight check. He said we could be done with the bili counts for now... unless we think Colby starts to get more yellow, then we need to take him back in for more blood work.

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