Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Three Kiddos in Cloth Diapers

Colby's umblical cord fell off on Satuday.... we had to wait for that to fall off before we could use cloth diapers for him. I was thinking we were going to have to wait another couple weeks until Colby gained some weight as well. But Brent suggested that we try a cloth on him to see how it fits. It's a little big, but does what it's supposed to do. We have 16 diapers for him, so if he has a day that he goes through lots of diapers, then we will have to use some dispoables, but for the most part he's wearing cloth now!

Yesterday when I we went on our adventure, I decided that I probably need a bigger diaper bag to fit enough cloth diapers for all three kids, plus all the other stuff that needs to go with us when we go out. I have a bag that kind of works for now, but think I will watch for one that is big enough... that I like.. that doesn't cost a whole lot of money!

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