Friday, February 15, 2013

Potty Training

I've been asked several times recently about when we are going to start potty training Emily and Kyle.... So I thought I would take a moment to write about it...

We have kind of already started to potty train them... They know where the toilet is and what it is used for. If they tell us they need to go poop or pee, we will take them in and sit them on the potty until they say they are done.

Every day for the past week Emily has sat on the toilet after breakfast and with the exception of one day, she has gone poop and pee. I think I've only changed three poopy diapers for Emily this week (she normally goes twice a day).

With Kyle, if we notice he's pushing, we will hurry up and get him on the toilet, but normally he isn't as good about telling us he has to go.

Both kids know when they need to poop and if they go in their diapers, will asked to be changed as soon as they are done. I don't think either of them really have much of an idea about going pee yet... They both seem surprised when they go pee sitting on the toilet.

Other than what we are going now... We really don't plan to do much with potty training until this summer. Until we are ready to officially dive in, we will continue to let them lead and use the toilet if they ask.

I'm really in no hurry.... I don't mind changing diapers, and its not like them wearing diapers is costing us much money.... Just laundry costs...

Plus.... The smallest big kid underwear I can find is 2T...and Emily is currently wearing 12 she needs to grow a bit before we can put underwear on her that will fit :)

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