Saturday, February 2, 2013

Colby's Weight Check Appointment

Colby went back to the doctors today for a weight check. He is now 6 lbs and 8 oz.... so he has gained two onces in the past two days!!

The doctor and nurse talked to me about his jaundice. Apparently I misunderstood what the nurse told me on Thursday when she called to give me the results of Colby's bloodwork. His bili count was 11.9 on Thursday. They like to see the number under 12. The doctor had us redo the test today and it came back at 11.8. So, we are going back to the doctor on Monday for another weight check and to the hospital for more blood work. If it takes an upward jump, Colby will most likely have to use a photo light blanket. Hopefully though it will continue to go down. The nurse said now that my milk has come in, as long as he continues to eat well, that his numbers should go down and the jaundice should start to go away. Hopefully she's right...


  1. Why so many remotes? :)
    - Alyssa

    1. One remote for the TV... one remote for the digital converter box... and Daddy's phone :)