Thursday, February 28, 2013

Colby is One Month Old!

It's crazy to think that Colby is already a month old. It seems like he was just born... and at the same time, it feel like he's been here for forever!

Sleep.. what is that again? No.. really.. Colby is a wonderful sleeper during the day. He normally takes two good naps in his crib. At night, once we get him sleep, he normally sleeps pretty well until it's time to eat again. Half of the time he wakes me up just before my alarm goes off to feed him, the other half, I have to wake him up. Most the time, as long as I can get a good burp on of him, he goes right back to sleep. He does make a lot of noise in his sleep... hopefully as he moves out of the newborn phase, he'll be a more peaceful sleeper!

I think my milk supply has finally regulated itself and breastfeeding is much easier for the most part. I was producing WAY too much milk and was having to pump to be comfortable. At first I was pumping three times most days. Pumping is bad when you're trying to reduce your supply because it's all supply and demand... but it was very necessary at first. I slowly started to pump less and then for a week or so was only  pumping for about a minute before Colby would eat. As of today, it's been three days since I pumped, and we're still doing good. Colby has been eating well and emptying my boobs when he eats. The only issue I'm having now is leaking... all the time. I have to change at least twice a day! Hopefully this will slow down soon too!
I have over 300 oz of frozen milk at the moment. We really don't have room for all of it in the freezer, so I need to figure out something to do with it... I really don't want to throw it away, but it's a lot of work to be able to donate it. I'm not sure that I was to get all the paperwork and blood work and all that done to only do a one time donation (because I'm really hoping my milk supply will stay under control and I can be done pumping!). Ideas??
Colby normally goes four hours or so at night in between feedings. During the day, he eats every two hours or so when he's awake. If he's sleeping, I let him go three hours in between feedings before I wake him up. Most of the time when he eats, he'll eat for about 10 minutes... sometimes a little more... sometimes a little less.

Brent and I are not fans of pacifiers. If you've been reading this blog long enough... you'll know what we did use them for Emily and Kyle, but we were completely done using pacifiers with them when they were about six months old. We had said from the beginning that we were going to try not to use one with Colby. We made it about three weeks before I broke down and gave him one during the day. The kid loves to suck... and had been sucking on my finger. But you can't help a almost two year old poop on the potty while her baby brother is sucking on your finger... So instead of letting Colby scream for the 10 minutes or so, I gave him a pacifier. We've used it a couple times at night since then. Colby normally eats for 15 minutes or so between 8pm and 9pm and then we put him to bed. The past week, he's just wanted to suck after he's done eating. It's not a big deal to let him suck on my finger... except that I can't go to sleep myself if I let him. So we've been giving him the pacifier and he'll suck on it for a little bit and as soon as he's asleep, he spits it out.
That being said... we've decided we will use one here and there for a couple months...

For the most part, Colby enjoys tummy time! He's able to pick his head up and look the opposite direction. He uses his little arms and has started to sort of do baby push ups! He has amazing next control during tummy time. I've also been nursing him in a "laid back" position to help with slowing down my milk flow. This position also helps build neck control and Colby has done amazing with it. When he's up on someone's shoulder, he'll often push back and look around to see what's going on. Colby will also hold his head up when sitting on someone's lap.

The past week or so, Colby has started to become more interested in his surroundings. He tends to look in the direction that he hears Emily and Kyle playing. He will also follow toys with his eyes.

We've been using cloth diapers since Colby was a week old. I had a hard time with the disposables (because I'm so used to cloth), that it was nice when we made the switch and had all three kiddos in cloth. We have 16 diapers for him and that seems to be just enough right now with doing laundry once a day. The first week or so we were using cloth, we did have to use a couple disposables here and there for Colby depending on how many dirty diapers he was making. He is wearing the BumGenius ones... one their smallest setting with a newborn insert in them. I have a feeling we are going to have to switch to the regular insert soon because we are starting to have some leak issues. Colby is a heavy wetter just like his big brother and sister.

Colby is still wearing all newborn clothes, but won't be much longer. Yesterday and today I've started to notice that the onsies and sleep'n'plays are starting to get a little too short for him. I did pull out a 0-3 month sleep'n'play this morning to just see how much bigger it was... I didn't put it on him, but it appeared to still be too long. I'm guessing in the next week or so though we are going to have to start putting away the newborn clothes. :(

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