Friday, February 8, 2013

23 Months Old

Emily and Kyle are going to be two years old in a month! This makes me a little sad... they are growing up too quickly!

In the past month, Emily and Kyle have learned so many new words. Every day I am amazing by the things they say. Emily loves to point at EVERYTHING and tell anyone who is listening what everything is called. Kyle does this too, but not nearly as much and Emily.

Kyle and Emily are starting to eat more and more like big kids. They have learned how to use spoons and are getting pretty good at shoveling food in their months with their spoons. They've also learned to eat things like tacos just like mommy and daddy. We have been giving them bigger pieces of food so that they can take bites and most of the time they do well with it.

Emily and Kyle are learning their letters. We have a set up bath tub letters and every night during bath time, Brent works on letters with the kids. They know the "D" is for Daddy, the "M" is for Mommy, the "K" is for Kyle, the "E" is for Emily, the "C" is for Colby, the "A" is for Aunt Alyssa, the "S" is for Uncle Shane, the "N" is for Nora... During the day, if they go into the bathroom, they will start pointing at the letters in the bath tub and name the one they are pointing at and the name or word they associate with that letter. They are also starting to do the same thing with their ABC puzzle... they know what letters go with what pictures.

Kyle and Emily are starting to show more and more signs of readiness for potty training. They have gotten very good at telling us when they need to poop and love to sit on the potty to poop. If they poop in their diapers, they will announce that they pooped and want to be changed right away. They both have gone pee on the potty once... and it suprised them both. I'm pretty sure neither of them have any idea when they are peeing. Emily is also starting to wake up from nap time and in the morning pretty dry.

Emily and Kyle are still adjusting to having a baby brother at home. Emily loves Colby and always wants to help with him and hold him and so on. Kyle is having a little bit harder of a time. He is interested in Colby and what's going on with him and wants to help, but he's also testing limits and thinks he should be able to get away with more. He's learning that the rules are just the same...and by learning, I mean getting lots of time outs and spankings. Hopefully we will all be adjusted soon...

Emily loves having a baby brother. She loves to hold him and give him kisses.

Emily has another tooth that has popped up, so she now has 11 teeth.

Emily's favorite food is cheese! Any time she gets to pick what's for snack, she wants "cheeeeeese".....said with a great big smile.

Emily's new thing to do at meals is to stuff her mouth full of food and chew it for a while... and then want to spit it out. It's pretty nasty... she gets in trouble when she does it, so hopefully she will stop soon.

Emily is developing an obsession with blankets. If we would let her, she would carry one around with her all day long.

Kyle loves to help get things for Colby, but still isn't too sure about sharing mommy with him. He's getting better, but still has some jealously issues.

Kyle has become very attached to Mr. E (his lovely). He tries to carry him around everywhere and gets very upset when we make him out Mr. E back in his crib. He also likes to take his blanket out of his crib with him when he's going to cuddle with mommy or daddy or go to mommy and daddy's bed.

Kylie's favorite food is currently cereal.... Any kind that he can get mommy or daddy to give him. We have been having issues getting him to eat his bananas at breakfast because he is so eager to get his "balls" (kix).

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