Thursday, February 28, 2013

Colby is One Month Old!

It's crazy to think that Colby is already a month old. It seems like he was just born... and at the same time, it feel like he's been here for forever!

Sleep.. what is that again? No.. really.. Colby is a wonderful sleeper during the day. He normally takes two good naps in his crib. At night, once we get him sleep, he normally sleeps pretty well until it's time to eat again. Half of the time he wakes me up just before my alarm goes off to feed him, the other half, I have to wake him up. Most the time, as long as I can get a good burp on of him, he goes right back to sleep. He does make a lot of noise in his sleep... hopefully as he moves out of the newborn phase, he'll be a more peaceful sleeper!

I think my milk supply has finally regulated itself and breastfeeding is much easier for the most part. I was producing WAY too much milk and was having to pump to be comfortable. At first I was pumping three times most days. Pumping is bad when you're trying to reduce your supply because it's all supply and demand... but it was very necessary at first. I slowly started to pump less and then for a week or so was only  pumping for about a minute before Colby would eat. As of today, it's been three days since I pumped, and we're still doing good. Colby has been eating well and emptying my boobs when he eats. The only issue I'm having now is leaking... all the time. I have to change at least twice a day! Hopefully this will slow down soon too!
I have over 300 oz of frozen milk at the moment. We really don't have room for all of it in the freezer, so I need to figure out something to do with it... I really don't want to throw it away, but it's a lot of work to be able to donate it. I'm not sure that I was to get all the paperwork and blood work and all that done to only do a one time donation (because I'm really hoping my milk supply will stay under control and I can be done pumping!). Ideas??
Colby normally goes four hours or so at night in between feedings. During the day, he eats every two hours or so when he's awake. If he's sleeping, I let him go three hours in between feedings before I wake him up. Most of the time when he eats, he'll eat for about 10 minutes... sometimes a little more... sometimes a little less.

Brent and I are not fans of pacifiers. If you've been reading this blog long enough... you'll know what we did use them for Emily and Kyle, but we were completely done using pacifiers with them when they were about six months old. We had said from the beginning that we were going to try not to use one with Colby. We made it about three weeks before I broke down and gave him one during the day. The kid loves to suck... and had been sucking on my finger. But you can't help a almost two year old poop on the potty while her baby brother is sucking on your finger... So instead of letting Colby scream for the 10 minutes or so, I gave him a pacifier. We've used it a couple times at night since then. Colby normally eats for 15 minutes or so between 8pm and 9pm and then we put him to bed. The past week, he's just wanted to suck after he's done eating. It's not a big deal to let him suck on my finger... except that I can't go to sleep myself if I let him. So we've been giving him the pacifier and he'll suck on it for a little bit and as soon as he's asleep, he spits it out.
That being said... we've decided we will use one here and there for a couple months...

For the most part, Colby enjoys tummy time! He's able to pick his head up and look the opposite direction. He uses his little arms and has started to sort of do baby push ups! He has amazing next control during tummy time. I've also been nursing him in a "laid back" position to help with slowing down my milk flow. This position also helps build neck control and Colby has done amazing with it. When he's up on someone's shoulder, he'll often push back and look around to see what's going on. Colby will also hold his head up when sitting on someone's lap.

The past week or so, Colby has started to become more interested in his surroundings. He tends to look in the direction that he hears Emily and Kyle playing. He will also follow toys with his eyes.

We've been using cloth diapers since Colby was a week old. I had a hard time with the disposables (because I'm so used to cloth), that it was nice when we made the switch and had all three kiddos in cloth. We have 16 diapers for him and that seems to be just enough right now with doing laundry once a day. The first week or so we were using cloth, we did have to use a couple disposables here and there for Colby depending on how many dirty diapers he was making. He is wearing the BumGenius ones... one their smallest setting with a newborn insert in them. I have a feeling we are going to have to switch to the regular insert soon because we are starting to have some leak issues. Colby is a heavy wetter just like his big brother and sister.

Colby is still wearing all newborn clothes, but won't be much longer. Yesterday and today I've started to notice that the onsies and sleep'n'plays are starting to get a little too short for him. I did pull out a 0-3 month sleep'n'play this morning to just see how much bigger it was... I didn't put it on him, but it appeared to still be too long. I'm guessing in the next week or so though we are going to have to start putting away the newborn clothes. :(

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

House Update

We were approved in the beginning of January to do a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure with our house. It basically is foreclosure, but instead of the bank suing us for foreclosure, we just sign our house over to them. It's supposedly a much faster process... we started the processes sometime in towards the end of the summer... I think...

Before Colby was born, we got the stuff from the bank to sign and we were just waiting for all the closing documents from the attorney to be ready to sign. We finally got them yesterday. We went this morning and signed them all in front of a notary and sent them back to the attorney!

So... as soon as they get the paperwork back and the title is transferred to the bank, we will no longer own our house!!! We are very excited about this... It's been over two years since we originally put the house up for sale!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Potty Training

I've been asked several times recently about when we are going to start potty training Emily and Kyle.... So I thought I would take a moment to write about it...

We have kind of already started to potty train them... They know where the toilet is and what it is used for. If they tell us they need to go poop or pee, we will take them in and sit them on the potty until they say they are done.

Every day for the past week Emily has sat on the toilet after breakfast and with the exception of one day, she has gone poop and pee. I think I've only changed three poopy diapers for Emily this week (she normally goes twice a day).

With Kyle, if we notice he's pushing, we will hurry up and get him on the toilet, but normally he isn't as good about telling us he has to go.

Both kids know when they need to poop and if they go in their diapers, will asked to be changed as soon as they are done. I don't think either of them really have much of an idea about going pee yet... They both seem surprised when they go pee sitting on the toilet.

Other than what we are going now... We really don't plan to do much with potty training until this summer. Until we are ready to officially dive in, we will continue to let them lead and use the toilet if they ask.

I'm really in no hurry.... I don't mind changing diapers, and its not like them wearing diapers is costing us much money.... Just laundry costs...

Plus.... The smallest big kid underwear I can find is 2T...and Emily is currently wearing 12 she needs to grow a bit before we can put underwear on her that will fit :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

23 Months Old

Emily and Kyle are going to be two years old in a month! This makes me a little sad... they are growing up too quickly!

In the past month, Emily and Kyle have learned so many new words. Every day I am amazing by the things they say. Emily loves to point at EVERYTHING and tell anyone who is listening what everything is called. Kyle does this too, but not nearly as much and Emily.

Kyle and Emily are starting to eat more and more like big kids. They have learned how to use spoons and are getting pretty good at shoveling food in their months with their spoons. They've also learned to eat things like tacos just like mommy and daddy. We have been giving them bigger pieces of food so that they can take bites and most of the time they do well with it.

Emily and Kyle are learning their letters. We have a set up bath tub letters and every night during bath time, Brent works on letters with the kids. They know the "D" is for Daddy, the "M" is for Mommy, the "K" is for Kyle, the "E" is for Emily, the "C" is for Colby, the "A" is for Aunt Alyssa, the "S" is for Uncle Shane, the "N" is for Nora... During the day, if they go into the bathroom, they will start pointing at the letters in the bath tub and name the one they are pointing at and the name or word they associate with that letter. They are also starting to do the same thing with their ABC puzzle... they know what letters go with what pictures.

Kyle and Emily are starting to show more and more signs of readiness for potty training. They have gotten very good at telling us when they need to poop and love to sit on the potty to poop. If they poop in their diapers, they will announce that they pooped and want to be changed right away. They both have gone pee on the potty once... and it suprised them both. I'm pretty sure neither of them have any idea when they are peeing. Emily is also starting to wake up from nap time and in the morning pretty dry.

Emily and Kyle are still adjusting to having a baby brother at home. Emily loves Colby and always wants to help with him and hold him and so on. Kyle is having a little bit harder of a time. He is interested in Colby and what's going on with him and wants to help, but he's also testing limits and thinks he should be able to get away with more. He's learning that the rules are just the same...and by learning, I mean getting lots of time outs and spankings. Hopefully we will all be adjusted soon...

Emily loves having a baby brother. She loves to hold him and give him kisses.

Emily has another tooth that has popped up, so she now has 11 teeth.

Emily's favorite food is cheese! Any time she gets to pick what's for snack, she wants "cheeeeeese".....said with a great big smile.

Emily's new thing to do at meals is to stuff her mouth full of food and chew it for a while... and then want to spit it out. It's pretty nasty... she gets in trouble when she does it, so hopefully she will stop soon.

Emily is developing an obsession with blankets. If we would let her, she would carry one around with her all day long.

Kyle loves to help get things for Colby, but still isn't too sure about sharing mommy with him. He's getting better, but still has some jealously issues.

Kyle has become very attached to Mr. E (his lovely). He tries to carry him around everywhere and gets very upset when we make him out Mr. E back in his crib. He also likes to take his blanket out of his crib with him when he's going to cuddle with mommy or daddy or go to mommy and daddy's bed.

Kylie's favorite food is currently cereal.... Any kind that he can get mommy or daddy to give him. We have been having issues getting him to eat his bananas at breakfast because he is so eager to get his "balls" (kix).

Another Weight Check for Colby

Colby had another appointment today for a weight check. He is now 6 lbs 14 oz.... Almost back up to his birth weight on 6 lbs 15.5 oz!

The doctor was also happy with his color. He said that Colby doesn't need to do any more bili counts unless he starts to look more yellow again.

The doctor also said that we could start trying to let him go four hours at night in between feelings. We've been doing three and I've been having a really hard time getting him to wake up and eat for more than a minute or two at night. Hopefully if I let him go a little bit longer he will be hungry and eat a little bit more.

Yesterday Colby's belly button started to bleed a little bit. We switched back to disposable diapers because they don't cover his belly button. The doctor looked at it and said it looked okay and suggested putting some rubbing alcohol on it when I change diapers today and keeping him in disposables until it looks better. He said he thinks we should be able to go back to cloth tomorrow.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

If Breastmilk was really liquid gold...

... we would be very rich!

Colby has been amazing at latching on and nursing since he was born. About a half an hour after he was born, he nursed for an hour....

Once my milk came in, we started to have a little bit of an issue because I have WAY too much milk. I was really hoping not to have to pump at all this time around, but because I am producing way more milk than Colby is able to eat at the moment, I am pumping a couple times a day. So far, I have a little over 120 oz of breastmilk frozen... and Colby is only 10 days old...

If I don't pump, then Colby has a really hard time eating when my boobs get really full... they just spray him in the face and he gets frustrated and will only eat for a couple minutes... then wants to eat again a half an hour later... But if I pump a little bit when I am full, then Colby latches right on and will eat for ten to fifteen minutes and be full for at least two hours.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Three Kiddos in Cloth Diapers

Colby's umblical cord fell off on Satuday.... we had to wait for that to fall off before we could use cloth diapers for him. I was thinking we were going to have to wait another couple weeks until Colby gained some weight as well. But Brent suggested that we try a cloth on him to see how it fits. It's a little big, but does what it's supposed to do. We have 16 diapers for him, so if he has a day that he goes through lots of diapers, then we will have to use some dispoables, but for the most part he's wearing cloth now!

Yesterday when I we went on our adventure, I decided that I probably need a bigger diaper bag to fit enough cloth diapers for all three kids, plus all the other stuff that needs to go with us when we go out. I have a bag that kind of works for now, but think I will watch for one that is big enough... that I like.. that doesn't cost a whole lot of money!

Monday, February 4, 2013

One Week Old

I really can't believe Colby is already a week old! 


Weight Check and Color Check

The kids and I headed out on our own today.... taking two toddlers and a newborn out of the house by my self is a lot more work than just two toddlers! But we made it... with no major issues.

We headed to the hospital first so that Colby could get his blood taken for another bili count. The hospital is a couple blocks from Grandpa Franks' work, so we stopped and picked him up on the way. Emily and Kyle were happy to see Grandpa and played with him in the waiting room while Colby got his blood work done.

We dropped Grandpa back off at work and headed to the doctor's office. Colby's appointment was at 10:30... we didn't get put in a room until 11:30... it was a little crazy. Colby needed to eat, so I fed him in the waiting room, while trying to keep Emily and Kyle out of trouble.

Once we finally were in a room, the doctor was in quickly. Colby gained another two ounces, so he's up to 6 lbs 10 oz. His color is starting to look a little bit better.... the whites of his eyes are pretty much white again! His bili count came back at 11.7... so 0.1 lower than Saturday. It's slowly going down... The doctor wants us to come back on Friday for another weight check. He said we could be done with the bili counts for now... unless we think Colby starts to get more yellow, then we need to take him back in for more blood work.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Colby's Weight Check Appointment

Colby went back to the doctors today for a weight check. He is now 6 lbs and 8 oz.... so he has gained two onces in the past two days!!

The doctor and nurse talked to me about his jaundice. Apparently I misunderstood what the nurse told me on Thursday when she called to give me the results of Colby's bloodwork. His bili count was 11.9 on Thursday. They like to see the number under 12. The doctor had us redo the test today and it came back at 11.8. So, we are going back to the doctor on Monday for another weight check and to the hospital for more blood work. If it takes an upward jump, Colby will most likely have to use a photo light blanket. Hopefully though it will continue to go down. The nurse said now that my milk has come in, as long as he continues to eat well, that his numbers should go down and the jaundice should start to go away. Hopefully she's right...