Thursday, January 31, 2013

Emily's Allergies

Poor little miss Emily had to have her blood drawn twice.

We've still had lots of issues with Emily having allergic reactions and hadn't heard back from the doctor about her lab results, so on Monday (while in labor), we called the peds office. We got a call back a little bit later from the lab saying that we needed to take Emily in to get more blood drawn because they didn't get enough the first time. So, when Emily and Kyle came to the hospital to meet Colby, Brent took her to get her blood drawn again.

Today, we got the results back. They showed that Emily has a slight local allergy to dairy. So basically, if dairy touches her skin, she gets a rash. But, it doesn't cause problems if she ingests it.

The nurse said that once the doctor looks over the results and probably send us to the allergist because the labs showed only a slight allergy and Emily has a large reaction. We should hear in the beginning of next week what the doctor is recommending us to do.

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