Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emily's Allergic Reaction

Emily has been having issues with rashes/spots on her skin for the past month or so. We really thought it was just dry skin due to the heater running more and such.

This morning when she woke up, from her fingers to her elbow was all swelled up and had hives on it. So I called the doctor.

They didn't have any appointments until this afternoon... and as the day went on, it started to look better, but we still went to the doctor. He was able to see a little bit of what was on her hand, along with some of the other random spots on her body that we thought were dry skin.

The doctor said that she is having an allergic reaction to something, most likely some sort of food. He told us to give her benadryl for the next couple days in hopes that it would clear up all of her spots. He also gave us a lab slip to get some blood work done to try to figure out what she is having a reaction to. Depending on the results of her blood work, we may have to take her to see an allergist for more testing. We are planning on taking her tomorrow morning for her blood work, so hopefully by the beginning of next week we will have some answers.

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