Thursday, January 31, 2013

Colby's Newborn Screening

Colby had his first doctors appointment today.

He checked out healthy.

He was a little yellow, so we had to have him checked for jaundice. But the labs came back only a little high, so its not a concern.

He is down to 6lbs 6oz. So we have to go back on Saturday for another weight check. The doctor said I need to do my best to make him nurse for at least 10 minutes on each side every three hours. When he wants to eat, he will nurse for an hour... sometimes more. When he doesn't want to eat and I force him too... I've struggled to get 5 minutes of nursing out him. The doctor gave me some more tips and tricks to try to get him to wake up and eat more (things we were never told to try to Emily and Kyle)... and so far this afternoon, I've gotten him to eat a lot more.... my milk has also come in, so I'm sure that helps too...

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