Thursday, January 31, 2013

Emily's Allergies

Poor little miss Emily had to have her blood drawn twice.

We've still had lots of issues with Emily having allergic reactions and hadn't heard back from the doctor about her lab results, so on Monday (while in labor), we called the peds office. We got a call back a little bit later from the lab saying that we needed to take Emily in to get more blood drawn because they didn't get enough the first time. So, when Emily and Kyle came to the hospital to meet Colby, Brent took her to get her blood drawn again.

Today, we got the results back. They showed that Emily has a slight local allergy to dairy. So basically, if dairy touches her skin, she gets a rash. But, it doesn't cause problems if she ingests it.

The nurse said that once the doctor looks over the results and probably send us to the allergist because the labs showed only a slight allergy and Emily has a large reaction. We should hear in the beginning of next week what the doctor is recommending us to do.

Colby's Newborn Screening

Colby had his first doctors appointment today.

He checked out healthy.

He was a little yellow, so we had to have him checked for jaundice. But the labs came back only a little high, so its not a concern.

He is down to 6lbs 6oz. So we have to go back on Saturday for another weight check. The doctor said I need to do my best to make him nurse for at least 10 minutes on each side every three hours. When he wants to eat, he will nurse for an hour... sometimes more. When he doesn't want to eat and I force him too... I've struggled to get 5 minutes of nursing out him. The doctor gave me some more tips and tricks to try to get him to wake up and eat more (things we were never told to try to Emily and Kyle)... and so far this afternoon, I've gotten him to eat a lot more.... my milk has also come in, so I'm sure that helps too...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

After 48 hours of labor... Colby is finally here!

On Saturday afternoon around 1:00pm I started having contractions about two minutes apart. Most of them were pretty good ones. We waited a while, and finally when Emily and Kyle woke up from their nap, I called the doctor. She told me to head to the hospital to get checked. So we loaded everything up and headed to Lansing. Brent dropped me off at the hospital and took the kiddos to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

When I got to the hospital, they got me all hooked up to the monitors and such. They said I was having a good contraction pattern. Sadly, the contractions were not having much of an effect on my cervix. Around 7:00 or so, they decided to send me home, but suggested we stay at my parents house for the night (only 20 minutes away, instead of the 45 that we live). So headed to Williamston for the night.

It was a rough night. I was still having contractions every two minutes or until about 2am, so I didn't sleep much. About the time the contractions started to slow down a bit, Emily and Kyle decided they were done sleeping. So we tried to cuddle with two restless toddlers... around 6am, we finally put them back in their pack and plays and they slept for an hour or so.

On Sunday, once we were up for the day, we got around and headed to the mall to walk. Around this time my contractions were back to about two minutes apart, but weren't nearly as strong as they were on Saturday. My mom walked about five miles with me at the mall, while Mike played with the kiddos in the play area. By the time we were done walking, my contractions were pretty strong again.

Once back at my parents house, we ate lunch and everyone laid down for naps. I rested for a bit, but started having stronger contractions again. We were trying to decide if we wanted to go home or stay in Williamston. I called the on-call doctor again and she suggested walking for an hour and see how the contractions were and if they were still pretty strong, to head back to the hospital to get checked. She gave me the impression that if my cervix had changed at all, they she would have me admitted and try to help speed up the process.

So, my mom walked with me again for an hour... and then Brent and I headed back to the hospital. I had dilated a half a cm more. They hooked me up to the monitors and such and we waited. I was still having contractions every two minutes or so. My blood pressure was high, so they took that a couple times. Eventually they checked me again and I hadn't changed from the first time. She took my blood pressure again and it went down a little bit, but not much. The nurse said she was going to talk to the doctor and so we waited... and waited... Eventually the doctor came in and said they were going to admit me and give me some pitocin to help things along!

I don't do "belly pictures" like most people... but we took a picture just before we went to the hospital to have Emily and Kyle... so I wanted one of right before Colby was born too. It's not very good as I was already in a hospital gown... but yeah... you can still see my belly didn't get as big this time!

Around 8:00pm, my antibiotics for the GBS were started and then around 10:00pm the pitocin was started. I've heard stories about pitocin makings things so unbearable and such... but it really wasn't that bad. The contractions slowly started to get worse, just as they would if labor progressed on its own.

On Monday morning, around 6:30am my doctor got here and decided to break my water. She was going to wait, but once we talked about how quickly things went after my water was broken with Emily and Kyle, she decided she would break it.

Breaking my water only made things more painful, but didn't really speed up progression. Around 8:00am or so, I decided that it was time for an epidural. My nurse thought it would help speed things up because it would help me relax. It was about 8:30am when I got my epidural and was able to sleep for a little while.

At 10:30, the nurse checked and my cervix was at 4cm. We thought that it was going to be another several hours before Colby was born... we were thinking sometime late afternoon at this point. My nurse wanted me to try to get some more sleep and said she would check me again at 12:30pm.

At noon, my nurse came in to get everything set up and ready for delivery. While she was getting out all the stuff, I all of a sudden was in a lot of pain. She told me to push my button to give me another dose of the epidural medicine and said she would check me once everything was all set out. At 12:10pm, she checked and I was at 10cm, but Colby's head was still a little ways up. She went out and paged the doctor at 12:15. The resident came in right away and she and the nurse started to tear down the bed and get things ready while we waited for my doctor. My doctor came into the room at 12:22. They were still slowly getting stuff ready and my doctor decided to take a peak... then they started to RUSH to get things ready. I started pushing at 12:24... I pushed three times and Colby's head was out. At 12:27pm, I pushed a final time and Colby was all the way out and laying on my belly! He turned pick quickly and scored a 9 and then a 10 on the apgar test thingy.

After they got me all cleaned up and such, the nurse took Colby over to the little bed thingy to get him a little more cleaned up and get all this measurements and such. He was 6 pounds and 15.5 ounces; 20 inches long; head circumference was 13.1 inches.

The nurse gave Colby back to me and he latched right on to nurse and nursed for almost an hour!!

He has been a pretty relaxed baby during his first 24 hours. When he's awake, he loves to look around. He's been a great sleeper and a pro at nursing.

(I'll do another post soon about Colby meeting Emily and Kyle and all our other visitors!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emily's Allergic Reaction

Emily has been having issues with rashes/spots on her skin for the past month or so. We really thought it was just dry skin due to the heater running more and such.

This morning when she woke up, from her fingers to her elbow was all swelled up and had hives on it. So I called the doctor.

They didn't have any appointments until this afternoon... and as the day went on, it started to look better, but we still went to the doctor. He was able to see a little bit of what was on her hand, along with some of the other random spots on her body that we thought were dry skin.

The doctor said that she is having an allergic reaction to something, most likely some sort of food. He told us to give her benadryl for the next couple days in hopes that it would clear up all of her spots. He also gave us a lab slip to get some blood work done to try to figure out what she is having a reaction to. Depending on the results of her blood work, we may have to take her to see an allergist for more testing. We are planning on taking her tomorrow morning for her blood work, so hopefully by the beginning of next week we will have some answers.

38 Week Prenatal Appointment

I had a check up today.

Everything went well.

I gained weight for the first time in six weeks! And my belly grew enough so they are not concerned about Colby's growth!

Colby's heart rate was 137 bpm.

She said that I could go into labor any day... or in two weeks... we just have to wait and see what happens!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Matching with Paint Chips

We were in Menards a couple weeks ago with Grandma and Grandpa Franks and I noticed they had Crayola paint. The little paint chips are shaped like the top of a crayon. So I grabbed two of a bunch of colors... and then Grandpa grabbed two of a bunch more colors... for us to use as a matching game.

I had completely forgotten about them until Saturday. I pulled them out and mixed them all up on the floor and had Emily and Kyle find the matched.

Kyle did amazingly well with it and found most matched easily. Emily had a little bit harder of a time and kept trying to match colors that were close (we had like three shades of green, two shades of blue, two shades of purple, ect.).

Mess-Free Finger Painting

For Christmas, Aunt Kara gave Emily and Kyle a craft box. She printed out instructions for several different crafty activities for the kiddos, plus gave us all the of the supplies needed for all of the activities!

I was going to save the box for after Colby was born, and use it for "special" activities while Colby was napping, but last week I got it out and was looking for something else to do that would keep Emily and Kyle entertained for a bit.

We did mess-fee finger painting. I took took zip-lock baggies and filled them with hair gel and paint and taped the baggies to their little table. They had a lot of fun with them!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

37 Week Prenatal Appointment

I went to the doctor this morning to get all checked out. I was supposed to see my doctor today, but she was out with the flu, so I saw one of the midwifes at the practice. She was a different one that I hadn't met yet, but really enjoyed meeting her!

Colby's heart sounded good... and he was kicked and squirming all over the place while she was trying to listen.

I've lost more weight... and my belly hasn't grown much in the past week. I was told at this point its nothing to worry about, but if I loose more weight and my belly doesn't grow in the next week, we may have to worry... she told me to eat and eat and eat, but not to eat too much and make myself sick.

Colby is head down still and she said he is far enough down that we shouldn't have to worry about him flipping at this point.

I tested positive for Group B Strep... so when I go into labor I have to have to rounds of IV antibiotics. (I don't know if I was positive for not with Emily and Kyle... I went into labor before we got my results back, so I got the antibiotics anyway.) This really isn't that big of a deal as long as I get to the hospital in time to get all of the antibiotics... if not, Colby will just have to have a bunch of extra screenings as he's born to make sure the bacteria isn't going to make him sick.

And I got the whole "It could be any day now or it could still be two weeks from now" speech. My guess is still sometime next week...

This past Saturday I had contractions 2-3 minutes apart for about six hours. We debated going to the hospital, but ended up not going because I really didn't think I was in labor... and we had enough false alarms with Emily and Kyle to last through this pregnancy too! I got the "you should have called the on call doctor" speech... but then she told me that I probably made the right call by not going to the hospital. The intensity of the contractions were about the same for the whole six hours... if they would have gotten worse, then I would have called the on call doctor... The midwife I saw today said it sounds like I made the right decision for the right reasons, but did warn me that because of the positive GBS and the fact that we are a little bit farther from the hospital (about 40 minutes or so depending on traffic), that we do need to head to the hospital sooner rather than later...  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

36 Week Prenatal Visit

Colby and I had a check up today. Everything is all good...

I've lost more weight again...I'm down two pounds since my last visit... this isn't anything to worry about though because my belly is continuing to grow as it should, so that means Colby is growing too! Apparently pregnancy is a good weigh loss plan for me... at this rate I will weigh less after delivery than I did before I got pregnant!

Colby's heart rate was 134 bpm.

My blood pressure was low, as normal.

My belly is measuring right where it should be for where I am at in my pregnancy.

It's just a matter of time now before the little dude comes out! :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

22 Months Old!

It's crazy to think in two short months Emily and Kyle will be 2 years old! It seems like they have been apart of our lives for forever... yet at the same time, it seems like it was not all that long ago when I found out that I was pregnant for the first time! Time is weird like that...

Our last month has been a bit rough. Because of doctors appointments, holiday gatherings, Brent's holiday work schedule, and everything else... the kiddos have been through a little bit off their schedule. At first it was just lots of excitement and naps and bedtime got altered a little bit here and there... but when we had pretty much two weeks straight of family gathers and/or visitors every day, the kids got way off. They haven't been sleeping well, which means everyone is exhausted and whiny! Hopefully in the next couple weeks as we settle into "normal," I will get my happy children back.

Christmas brought lots of new toys for Emily and Kyle to play with.

Their favorite new toys are the moment seems to be puzzles. They love the puzzles where they match the pieces to the pictures, like the ones below. They will sit and play with them for over an hour sometimes (which, if you have toddlers, you know is pretty much amazing... normal interest in a toy last about 10 minutes).

Other favorite new toys from Christmas are their play kitchen (and lots of food) and their work bench.

They love to pretend to cook on their stove and Kyle washes dishes in the dishwasher (it's really an over but they think its a dishwasher) all the time. They will "serve" each other, mommy, daddy, or who ever else happens to be around. They love to watch people pretend eat the food they have just cooked.

Emily and Kyle are going to know how to use tools better than daddy soon thanks to their work bench. The work bench has an engine that they can take apart and put back together... which they love to do. It amazed me the first time they took it all apart and got it back together with very little help. They even used the right tools the right way! It also has a saw and grinder that they love to play with... along with the nails and hammer, drill, and all sorts of screw drivers and nuts and bolts and screws.

We have been working on the ABC's and letter recognition. At Grandma and Grandpa Franks' house they have a letter magnet thingy that will sing the ABC's and Kyle loves to sing along with it. He also enjoys to sing the ABC's by himself. He now can get to F by himself and then hum the rest of the tune. Emily can get to D most of the time. They are also getting good with recognizing some letters. They won't tell you what a letter is, but if you ask them to find a certain letter, they get it right about half the time.

We've also been working on counting with Emily and Kyle. They both can count to three consistently (I think this is because I count to three often when they aren't doing what I ask them too!). Every once in a while after we get to three they will say four or five, but not regularly.

Emily and Kyle have been helping pick out their clothes most mornings (so if they don't match... it's their fault!). Emily normally will ask to take off her jammies and get dressed after breakfast if we haven't done so already. She loves going to her drawer and picking out her clothes. Kyle mostly likes to pick out his socks and pants... most of the time he doesn't care what shirt he wears... unless Emily has on a hoodie, then he needs a hoodie too. Emily's favorite this to wear is dresses and "ights" (tights).

Emily and Kyle have now played in the snow twice! The first time, Kyle LOVED it and Emily HATED it! The second time, they both did okay with it. We even got sleds out and they road around in the sleds while Mommy and Grandma pulled them. I'm pretty sure they still aren't huge fans of the snow though. When they see it on the ground or on cars they point and say "ut oh" and Emily doesn't like to have snow on her. They both also know that snow is cold and will say "burrr."

Kyle and Emily are now facing forward in their car seats! Over this past weekend, I rearranged seats in the van (with the help of my parents). I really wanted to keep Emily and Kyle facing backwards until they were at least two... and their car seats have a minimum of 20 lbs to face forward and Emily is right at 20 lbs... But, we really couldn't come up with a practical way to have all three car seats rear facing. I had originally thought  putting Emily and Kyle in the very back would work, but the seat isn't wide enough so that we would have enough room to strap them in their they were facing backwards. So, Emily and Kyle are in the very back facing forward (and Colby's seat is in one of the middle seats). The first time they got into the van after I moved the seats, Emily climbed right in her seat and was excited.. Kyle through a fit and fought as hard as he could not to get into his seat. But once he was in and we were moving, he seemed to enjoy facing forward. They both made lots of happy sounds and lots of funny faces. They can also reach each other to share toys... or hold hands. It's very distracting while driving to be able to look in the mirror and easily see their faces; I'm going to have to work on that!


  • Emily is still wearing 12 month clothes. Before Christmas, she was also wearing some 6 month and 9 month clothes (that still fit her well). After Christmas, I cleaned out her drawers to make room for her new clothes and she's now only has 12 month clothes in her drawers (with the exception of a few 9 month onsies). Some of the 12 months are still big on her, so I'm guessing she'll be wearing them through the end of winter.
  • Emily now has 10 teeth! She has four on top and two on the bottom in front and all 4 of her 18 month molars having finally came in. I don't feel anymore in her mouth, but by the way she has been chewing on her fingers and everything else, I'm going to guess that she is going to have some more soon!
  • Emily likes to point at what she wants and likes to pull on people's hands to get them to go where she wants them to go. 
  • Emily has gotten very good at zippers. She still needs help starting a zipper, but other that that, she can do them all by her self. She zips up her coat once someone starts it for her, she can unzip and take her coat off all by herself, she can unzip and take off her jammies all by her self, she can help Kyle with his zippers... she now wears her monkey (sleep sack) backwards becuase she can get out of that, undress her self, and climb out of her crib...

  • Kyle is still wearing 18 month clothes. He had a few short sleeve shirts that still fit him that were 12 months, but they got cleaned out of his drawers after Christmas. Most of the 18 month stuff fits him pretty good, but some of the pants are still a little big on him. He got an orange pair of jeans for Christmas that are very cute, but as soon as he takes off running, they fall down. If it wasn't for the extra fluff of cloth diapers, I'm pretty sure all of the 18 month pants would fall down... but the 12 month pants are WAY to short on my tall and skinny boy!
  • Kyle has become even more so a mommy's boy over the past couple weeks. He ALWAYS wants mommy cuddles and loves when he has all of my attention to himself. I think he's realizing that he isn't going to be the "baby" for much longer and wants to get as much of Mommy for himself now before he has to share me with someone besides Emily. 
  • When Kyle is in a good mood, he talks non-stop. Most of it is just gibberish still, but he seems to know what he is saying. He is starting to build a larger vocab of real words though and most of the time I can figure out the general idea of what he is trying to say. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kyle's Echo Report

A nurse from Kyle's cardiologist office called to let us know that Kyle still has a VDS (duh) and that the echo showed that it is still the same size as it was in March when he had his last echo. This is good news... the VSD is small enough that it doesn't cause any problems as it. If it starts to heal, it could cause problems with his aortic valve.