Saturday, December 1, 2012

No More Highchairs!

Mommy and Daddy got Emily and Kyle toddler booster seats for Christmas... but we gave them their new seats on Dec 1st... instead of waiting for Christmas!

I ordered them on Cyber Monday... and got them on sale... plus I used Ebates, so I got them for even cheaper! They came in yesterday, so this morning I picked them up. When I got home with them, both of the kids were very interested in what was in the boxes. When I got them out, they realized they were seats and were pretty excited. Daddy attached them to the chairs and both kiddos wanted to sit in them right away.

Lunch was the first mean they used them to eat. They were both pretty excited to sit in their new seats, but were confused as to why they didn't get their high chair trays. They both ate at the table like big kids! They did like to "stab" the table with their forks though... so we'll have to work on that. (Or maybe someone will get us place mats for Christmas...)