Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kyle's Cardiology Check Up

Yesterday Kyle had a check up with his new cardiologist. 

He got measured and weighed like normal. He was completely dressed and weighed just over 23 lbs... but he had a pretty wet diapers, so I'm guessing he's somewhere around 21.5 naked. Again, I don't remember how tall he was! (Grandpa weighed Emily and she was just over 19 lbs... completely dressed and with a wet diaper.)

The nurse took Kyle's blood pressure. He sat very still and did a great job! 

The the nurse did an EKG on the little guy. Again, he laid very still and did great! He didn't even try to pull the leads off!

He did try to help Mommy and the nurse take the stickies off once the EKG was done!

Kyle did amazing sitting still while both the resident and the doctor examined him!

The doctor said everything appears to be the same with his heart as it was at our last visit with Kyle's cardiologist in Delaware. He explained that the hole may still close up, so it just may stay the same. If it stays the same, it's not a big deal. If it closes, we just will have to monitor that the new tissue that would form won't affect his aortic valve. It sounds like we still just have to follow up once a year unless there are any specific concerns.

The doctor does want to do a baseline echo (ultrasound of Kyle's heart). I was told when we made this appointment that if he needed an echo, Kyle would have to be sedated. Yesterday the doctor told us though he thought we could try without sedation because Kyle did such a good job sitting still. So, we have an appointment scheduled for next Thursday to get the echo done and are hoping and praying that Kyle will do good laying still so that he won't have to be sedated!

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