Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas With the Johnsons

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Christmas with Grandpa Johnson, Uncle Trevor, Aunt Katie, Aunt Kara, and Ian (Aunt Kara's boyfriend).

Emily and Kyle enjoyed opening more presents. They were sitting in the living room for an hour or so and both kiddos kept looking at them and pointing to them. They were excited when we finally let them open the presents.

Emily and Kyle got a bunch of food to go along with their new kitchen. They enjoyed playing with all of it and pretending to eat the food and feed people.

Emily also enjoyed playing with a talking giraffe app on Aunt Kara's phone. She got all excited and was making crazy faces... apparently, Mommy was making crazy faces back at her!

Kyle had fun helping Grandpa take pictures!

We had a fun afternoon opening presents, eating breakfast for dinner, and playing!

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