Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas With the Carys

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with the Cary clan. We had a yummy lunch, hung out for a few minutes, opened presents, and then headed home for nap time before church. We wished we could have stayed and hung out longer, but Kyle and Emily REALLY needed naps before church.

Kyle loved the fact that he didn't have to wait in between presents. (We opened all of ours first so that we could leave!)

Emily and Kyle got new milk cups and new snack cups! They got books and puzzles and some vroom vrooms (cars) and clothes.

One of the books they got has a key that opens pages. They got this book after nap time and LOVED it! They already got the book taken away because they wouldn't stop fighting over it! Hopefully they will share better when they get it back tomorrow.

(Sorry... I didn't take any pictures...)

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